5 ridiculous myths about sex that somehow all believe

What do you know about sex? Of course, few of you will answer «nothing.» Even if you are the most inexperienced and inept lover in the world, at least you have some knowledge about sex-based stories, jokes, movies and stand-up performances.

Here’s the thing: even if you know something, you still you will be surprised of these facts. You might think that…

5. Bremanaat immediately or not get pregnant at all


For example, when she tries to determine who the father of the child (if several candidates), she goes to the doctor and finds out the pregnancy. Let’s say it’s six weeks. So she calls the guy with whom you had sex six weeks ago and says he is a happy dad. Logically all right: who was sooner or later, is not in the business. Or …


If only it were that simple, we wouldn’t need any DNA tests to establish paternity. Even the most stupid person is able to count back the required time frame. But sperm does not die just because a woman is wearing shorts and went to have fun with the subsequent man.

Sperm is not so sickly. Her cells remain alive even a few days after ejaculation. They are waiting for the right moment to make his case. How long sperm can survive in this cruel and merciless world? Five days, and some researchers say even longer.

In reality, the sperm can reside in a woman’s body and not die more than a week. If a woman had sex a week before ovulation, a certain amount of this sperm could survive and get through her fallopian tubes to the egg just in time.

Moreover, at least one study has shown that sperm can remain intact for eight days. This means that between the biggest mistake of your life and its investigation may take more than a week before the consequences will be irreversible. Well, almost irreversible.

Just remember that when you exercise in arithmetic.

4. Men like casual sex, and women planned

sex without commitment

If a hero likes promiscuous sex, it is sure to be male. Charlie sheen in the role of a well-known womanizer from the TV series «Two and a half men», Sam Malone from «the Merry company», Captain kirk, and Barney Stinson — they are all womanizers and men.

Half a century of feminism and struggle for women’s rights did not change the fact that women view sex as a step towards a long relationship and a strong emotional bond, while men think that sex is non-committal physiological act.

This confirms many studies. A study conducted in 1989 showed that men were more likely to use the opportunity to engage in casual sex than women. The students, girls and boys were approached by a moderately attractive students of the opposite sex and awkwardly made such a proposal. Men immediately agreed, and most women refused. It’s obvious.


Professor of psychology at the University of Michigan named Terri Conley decided to dig a little deeper. Her research revealed that women are less likely to have sex without commitment, if the situation has, as a competent partner. The difference is not that a woman wants emotional attachment and that it is more difficult to achieve orgasm.

It turns out that both sexes don’t mind sex just for pleasure. The only difference is that men surely know that they always achieved orgasm, even if the girl is worthless in bed, but women understand whether their orgasm is only halfway to him. When a woman has sex with a partner at first, she reaches orgasm only 35% of cases. Why waste time on a guy who doesn’t care whether you get pleasure?

Studies conducted among bisexual women showed that their hesitance would disappear immediately, if the prospective partner was not her husband. The infamous female bigotry in the result came down to the fact that men know nothing about women’s satisfaction or think only of themselves.

This so-called theory of pleasure, our desire of sex comes from how we appreciate the joy he will bring us, not from the evolutionary instinct to have offspring. In other words, like any sex, because it is good.

3. The University girls at least once try sex with a girl


Many guys perceive the University as the first real opportunity to break away and go to town: Hooray, freedom! It means to revel in up, not long to go to sleep and engage in various sexual experiments. Type experience with a girl — a mandatory thing for five years at the University. Why you think so?


Unfortunately, the truth is not so sexy. Girls with bachelor’s degrees are much less inclined to experiment on the field of gay sex than high school girls and graduates of the senior classes. On this topic, conducted research, and found that of 500 subjects, 13 women aged 22 to 44 years, only 10% had such experience in the years of study and those who did not go to University at all, tried to have sex with a girl in 15% of cases.

Why do we think so? Probably because students so endeavoring to prove something to the world that it becomes «default». Women who graduated from the University, in most cases, do not try anything like that, but talking about it, because it makes them special. They like to think about it in passing, they feel that they are a sexual re-invent the wheel, and they are in a hurry quicker to tell others about it.

2. Men and women reach their sexual peak at different ages

the peak of sexual activity

We’ve all heard variations on this myth, men supposedly sexual peak at 20-25 years, and in women, the hormones begin to play later. Science has proven the existence of the Panthers: what’s wrong with that?

As it turned out, everything. The myth probably stems from details, peak testosterone falls in men and women 18 years of age, and estrogen peak in women over 20. Why men want sex when they are younger, and women waiting for something.


The study showed Marc Goldstein of Cornell University, hormones don’t dictate when you’re most going to want sex. People are not bottles of sparkling water, which explode at maximum pressure. Your peak sexual activity is more dependent on your attitude towards sex and experience, and for this reason, many guys spend their Golden years sturdy risers playing in the computer.

Women are more Mature, they like a relaxed familiarity with their sexuality, they love to explore. Female attraction is much more dependent on social pressure, she did not want to seem a slut in school and therefore reveals its potential later. In later years she distanciruemsa from teenage garbage and lives based on their own experience.

1. Sex is great for anything

sex and money

Sex has an incredible ability to attract attention, this makes no sense to argue. Ass and Breasts will always stare. So, things are now, and so it was in the days of our grandparents, and so will our children. So if you want to sell beer, cars, or deodorant, just show is the Tits.


Again, science with us is sobering. Sex is a great way to make the audience to watch. But «watch» does not mean «buy.»

Studies show that less than ten percent of men who watch the ads, can’t remember which firm actually advertised. And men, whose brains want to wash, showing them the naked female body. Women were able to recall the brand only in half of the cases. The study of beer advertising showed that if the roller is to put scantily clad woman, it would have no impact on sales and consumer interest.

So, sex does not help sell products, but we still continue to look at. So if you insert it into the film, it is waiting for more success. Look at «Basic instinct» or «Black Swan». Tits is what attracts half the audience. At least we think so. At the University of California examined 900 films released over the last ten years, and found that exposure had no effect on sales success.

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