5 reasons your unemployment

Work.com.ua_12.07.2016_HalIlxy6ugKhjMany complain about unemployment, lack of jobs and any prospects in terms of career. Now is a good time for a complaint, because its weakness can be blamed on the crisis, officials and the General economic situation in the country. With the economy really is not so, as we would like. But let’s face the truth — if you are unemployed, reason not in force majeure, which you love to talk the most. The most to you.

Try to understand the problems that you can create yourself when looking for work.

1. You’re counting on education

He studied for five years and got your diploma — you’re done, we’re proud of you. However, five years ago, the market situation was different, your profession was in demand and highly paid, and now you can only rely on money. We have in such a situation occurred with the engineers who assemble the planes. A friend went to aircraft school a lot of time listening to conversations that build planes will always be, and it will be well-paid at any time. Now he gets 8-10 million is ridiculous money for such work. You may experience a similar situation. What was relevant before, will be obsolete today. We told you that we need to learn only where you’re interested, but you didn’t listen. So, spent a lot of time in vain, to find a job you will have to retrain, and this is again a waste of time. However, output is still there, but the diploma will not always be an argument when applying for a job, you have to remember.

2. Are you afraid to get your hands dirty

So, you have failed to settle on a specialty, or maybe you have and there is no diploma. But you, of course, all prettier and smarter, however, this is only you know. You don’t want to do the dirty work, you think it’s shameful. Even the cashier afraid to get, especially if they work in some catering friends laugh at him. But, dear reader, it seems you do not understand in this life. Work is always work, whatever it was. Many famous people were falling to the bottom, where they tried to make ends meet, and in this they were helped by a dirty job, which they, no doubt, grateful. Stephen king worked in a Laundry, Tarantino worked in a video store, and Charles Bukowski were sorting letters at the post office. If these people had no experience of such work, it is unlikely that they would become who they are now.

3. You are bringing the bar too high

Work.com.ua_12.07.2016_fSXDkhU5Ug7tKNot going to work without an office, a split system and the midget, which will bring you refreshing drinks and to do a neck massage? We’ll disappoint, but have to live with the inconvenience. Beginners rarely work in ideal conditions, they have to chew my way upstairs to convince management that their working conditions should be improved. If you have a lot of experience and experience, you are a good specialist, you have the moral right to demand the best conditions, but if you just came out of the walls of the University, what did you expect?

4. You’re hard to deal with the staff

I don’t think used seriously was an attitude problem within the team. People were working, not thinking about what they appreciate. All tied common cause. Now, often, you’re going to feel pressure in a new place. This is partly your fault. Work team — a community that lives according to the rules, according to their moral precepts. Alien body that is hostile will inevitably be rejected by this community. The only solution is to adapt, to take its place in terms of social relations. This will not suffer your personality, nor your conscience. For example, in a new place like to talk about football as soon as lunch break comes, and you hate football. You know, this theme can be a great link for you and the team — if you delve into it, it will be easier to adapt.

5. You don’t know how to pass the interview and create a resume

Know why your resume was rejected? At least because you put him in a horrible photo, and I mean this photo has a value, a stuffed job hiring no one wants. Maybe you made it wrong, because we had a lot of tips for this reason. Learn how to pass the interview, the first impression is one of the most important when applying for a job. Don’t be too Intrusive (to scare), but anyone interested. The main thing — give to understand that you need not only money, but also because you are interested to work in the field.

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