5 reasons why you should be able to handle a gun

We love to talk about weapons, often write about it and, as you can guess, do not mind to shoot it. The fact that we like to hold guns and rifles. Unfortunately (or fortunately) free to bear arms in our country are not expected, but you can easily find a shooting range to shoot already there. But when we asked, «Why do you like guns? They kill!» – we really could not answer. But today we once and for all decided to explain the modern dude to learn why the shooting of firearms. That will give you this skill, how it will be useful in a practical sense, why is it needed, if there are police?

1. Protection of family and home

Paradis.com.ua_11.03.2016_bfTKeG9YtIkbWThe most banal explanation of the attachment to the weapon, but the most important thing, after all it was created to protect. So in the world happened that criminals will always be, and access ognestrela or acute forks they, too, will always be. Law-abiding children, too, need to defend themselves, and even 5 years in a rocking chair won’t stop a bullet or a knife in the alley. But own a gun or a shotgun you’re holding in a special safe house that the perpetrator will stop. The country, meanwhile, is not in a very stable condition, so that the correct decision is to play it safe.

2. Sports interest

A firearm is not only about the murder and self-defense. It is also about sports, which is currently free from the big money that keeps it healthy incorruptible nature. It is not enough just to learn to pull the trigger, you need to do it competently. The majority believes that a lot in shooting sports depends on the state of the eye. So, it is unlikely that blind people will be able to hit the cymbals, but not everything depends only on the biological component. There are techniques, there are various techniques of shooting. But shooting sports in the country appeared in 1898 – a long tradition, which did not want to interrupt. Besides, shooting sports is not just entertainment for a small group of people, hungry for violence, and discipline is quite a Olympic and significant.

3. Confidence

It was a bribe.field.ua_11.03.2016_4kiq0G7RI2ifaSo, if you’re holding a shotgun and is firing from it, you are unlikely to be called insecure guy. It so happened in history that insecure men can’t shoot. And now the problem of insecurity is extremely noticeable to our eyes. We would advise you to enroll in a small section if you’re one of those guys. It at least diversifies your life, and as a maximum will enhance your personality. Still to hold in hands you’re not a toy.

4. The observance of traditions

Men are the breadwinners, men are hunters, men-warriors – to clean it up from our subconscious is not so simple, these words are thousands and thousands of years of activity that has saved us helped to develop. Now, many say, things have changed. Twenty-first century, and to fight, say, they don’t need to feed themselves. If you look at what is happening in the middle East, believe in it with difficulty. Well, okay, we are on the other. So that your psyche was a unified whole, not a set of fears, phobias and self-flagellation, you have to develop evenly, affecting all aspects of man’s activities. Upgrade your intellect, body, etiquette and, of course, possession of a weapon. It’s yours, really. Even if you are for peace in the world and generally a pacifist.

5. In case of a zombie Apocalypse

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2016_txHBmd5DEYS7qEvery schoolboy knows that to kill zombies you can, if not shoot him in the head. And if you want cool to shoot, and handle weapons should be able to. Everything is logical, right? Besides a zombie Apocalypse, humanity has many problems that can evolve in a disaster of unprecedented proportions. Somehow laughing at their friends held in the town Autonomous group of «preppers». They are preparing themselves for a global disaster that is «required» to be held in the near future. Then a meteorite falls, the Mayan calendar, a zombie, climate change will destroy civilization. All this, of course, ridiculous and fun. But if you think about it… just Imagine that the Apocalypse will come and we will need to survive. Most of us will die like flies, just because I can’t shoot better that most of these crazy guys. So, if you want to prepare yourself for life from the films of George Romero, the ability to shoot more than just will not.