5 reasons why you have not succeeded

Stop.com.ua_21.05.2014_0tVhyTQ6kfMyMAround only and conversations that about the success. «Success», «successful» has long become some kind of abstract concepts that represent something definitely good, that smells of money and fame, but has no specific shape.

Great if you’re one of those few lucky men that know what they want, and confidently go to the goal. Their image of success is quite specific. Most people think of success as a luminous substance of wealth, prosperity and fulfilled ambitions and not have the slightest idea of what really is success, how come and why we are not as successful as could be.

Here are five reasons why you did not succeed… yet.

1. You follow someone else’s dream

Perhaps, then, what are you working on and what do you think his main job, what is actually the idea, suggestion to you parents, or mass culture. You’ll never be happy and will never be successful if you work to achieve someone else’s goal. So take your time to make a career and to subordinate his life to the work if you’re not sure that this is yours. You may have to change many fields. But the only way you will be able to find something you really like.

2. You’re not using your strengths

Instead of focusing on what you do well, you spray your stuff or do what you do mediocre. Find your greatest talent and improve it, master. And don’t forget to tell the world about it. People will want to work with a master of his craft.

3. You pay more attention to profit than the goal itself

If you focus on the goal itself, you’re concerned about creating something bold and new. If you think first about what you will have, you will have to worry about maintaining their financial level. Do not argue, welfare is important, but it tends to limit your creativity, to deter the most courageous decisions and so on.

4. You can’t afford to lose

There is not a single success story does not contain a long list of failures. As you know, no mistakes only one who does nothing. Remember that failure is a mandatory companion to any movement. Don’t despair and don’t give up on dreams because of them. Take every mistake as a lesson – analyze, draw conclusions and move on.

5. You confuse the process and result

On the way to the goal so easy to get lost in the forest of frustration and stress. At such moments, always remember your goal and that to achieve it you must keep moving. In spite of all the failures.

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