5 reasons why you fail your attempts to meet girls

why I have no luck with girls

Some guys offensively often fail when meeting with girls. Here you came, spoke to her, making conversation, but in the end… nothing. She talks to you without the enthusiasm and try as soon as possible to merge, leaving you room. Sad story. What the hell are you doing wrong? I asked my friend to explain to me what it is. We just sat at the bar and watched the desperate attempts of a guy to meet a nice friend. Interestingly, my friend from the understand what the cause of his failures. And then I asked her to tell me more about that. And that’s what it became.

1. Don’t need to be too energetic

All necessary measure. It is not necessary to stand with a stern face and monotonous to talk about a bore, but should not laugh at every word girls and pretend to like everything she likes. Let’s be honest: the probability that you are not talking to a comedienne — 99% against one and another 100% chance that you don’t like all the same crap. The differences are required to attend. You just met him and don’t try for one evening to build relationships for life. Better not agree with it in several paragraphs, so it’s easier to strike up a conversation, not rassypaetsja in the rainbow stories, how you love Jaws. You don’t like.

2. You say that she is uninteresting or unclear

Very well, what do you engineer of fire safety, honor and praise to you, glory and honor. But enough talk of fire engines, the girl they stared at her shapely ass. The same applies to sport, although some girls are still the exception to the rule. But the probability that it hurts for a football team is very large. Find a neutral subject of conversation. What? So any well-known thing. Don’t be lazy, friend.

3. Your profile Vkontakte resembles hotel from «the Shining»

Let’s say you met a nice friend and added it Vkontakte. Pomedli, hold your horses! Your profile is generally attractive to girls? Ask yourself the following questions:

Your mom is the only person who leaves a message on your wall?

You’ve got plenty of stupid useless photos to the same crooked otfotoshopili?

On the pic you posing with a machine that does not belong?

If you answered «Yes» to even one of these questions, it means that your profile is far from ideal and you will seem to the strange girl. She may think that you have no friends, and no friends, only weird guys that it is better to avoid. If you have on the wall — only congratulations from mom happy birthday, which was six months ago, it is a problem. Or fix the profile, or don’t add. Why I wrote about the hotel from «the Shining»? It was empty and strange. As your profile.

4. You talk about their «feelings»

YOU’RE THE MAN. MEN DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT. If you’re just hanging out in the bar the evening of the day, and here you are starting to look at her dog’s eyes and wipe there is something about your feelings regarding this or that, she will begin to suspect that your balls got lost somewhere. Somewhere far away. Perhaps in the open space. And she wants to leave you. Soon as possible and continue. Well, she was. Understand. No need to share personal things when they first met.

5. You think that throwing brand names, you look cool

If you very glad to wear vintage Polo by Ralph Lauren print of the little edinorosov all colors of the rainbow, and I think that makes you cool, you’re wrong. Nothing of the sort. For friends it is like a giant tattoo of «Sucks» right on your forehead. Clothes don’t change who you are. And even so: who cares a lot about appearance, lose sight of your brain is a universal law of life. If the girl will have a choice to talk to the dude, or the dude from «Saw», it will probably choose the second option. Well, I told my friend.

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