5 reasons why people don’t want to work in Facebook


What’s that, someone wants to work at Facebook? Crazy people. Many people dream to get there! What’s wrong with those guys? They don’t like to earn a lot? They don’t like the company’s good reputation? Their asked. They answered.

1. In the office too much freedom

Facebook employees are encouraged at work to be themselves. In most companies between personality and work is a wall that separates the real person from, say, working person. On Facebook the wall is just not there. At corporate events they play beer pong.

2. Little fees

Soft need to discuss, it is necessary to speak — it is not enough just to write it. The company so rarely hold meetings, that they even become a meme within the company.

3. Too much confidence

People on Facebook really think that any new employee will be good that he will be a great technician that he would try very hard to fulfill the promise. Amazing idealism.

4. Too much free food

Facebook daily free food to their employees. What’s wrong with free food? The fact that it is too much. Anyone who can’t control himself in matters of food, I would say that it is a disaster.

5. Facebook is too popular

When someone is working in Facebook, he is forced to listen to constant complaints about the quality of the site, as if to blame personally, he said. And all speak with them only about work: about the orders out there about the team, about various technical things, ask questions from the category of «And the truth…»

In principle, the staff of this site all happy, and this is the most common complaint. Looking at it, I want to say only one thing: that I lived…