5 reasons why once in your life you need to work in the service sector

the bartender

In the yard, fortunately, in 2013, I finally finished College and can do whatever you want. And I’m sure if during my studies I worked in that fucking cafe, then my life would have turned out very differently. Now I, like many of the graduates of my provincial Philology, worked (Oh my God!) a teacher or a reporter for regional news in ten thousand per month with rosy prospect to get to the press service five years, if you guys are good. When every day spinning among all the people begin to understand many things. And some still remains in the restaurant business and making a good career while making good money, goes on vacation is a good option. So, dude, today I will tell you about why everyone though time in life should work in the service sector.

1. Art to leave a tip

No matter what your career plans: are you going to become CEO of Google or whole life being a waiter. It is always useful to be able to tip the appropriate amount. When I started working at the coffee shop, I always tip no less than 20% of the check amount, even if service was bad. Why? Because I knew what it means when you leave an extra fifty. Because I know how it is when the fat cats will get a few thousand and will not leave you to tea nothing. Because I knew that the waiters do not just take your order and bring you food: they do a ton of work, which the visitors do not have the slightest idea. Because I knew how much the wait staff comes to work to prepare for opening, and what time he goes. When our coffee shop worked until ten at night, I haven’t been home before one o’clock.

I came to the conclusion that the work in the service sector needs to be something like service in the Israeli army: everyone should do this for six months in my life to understand how it is when people spend on lunch on a few thousand and treat you like dirt. Know how much effort each received a rouble. To know how it is when you’re twelve hours a day on my feet and can’t eat, as without end suffer the most food to people. When visitors you are rude and it is directly dependent on your earnings, namely from the check amount from which you get a percentage from the tip. Look, man, whose life depends on your tips. That you yourself work for free? No? Then why do you think someone is doing so? If you go somewhere to eat and expect that you will serve the Board for it.

Having worked in the service sector, you will remember when you leave a tip, the waiter will also be able to eat. When you leave a tip, can you compare it with an impossible situation: imagine that you are sitting in the office, your boss comes and says: «Today you work for free. Just an honour to work on me.» The same does not happen? And then, that can compare with the moment when you open checkbook, and there is a tip equal to half the amount of the check? Just because the guest wanted to. It’s nice.

2. Respect

In this job I learned to respect the people with whom, in principle, many never face. If three years ago I was told that I would be happy to chat with a seventy-year-old Uzbek, I would not have believed it. But it was our dishwasher was the most understanding person in the entire coffee shop. And the most pleasant. She told me: «Sit down, monatery plates, and so the whole day on their feet.» It’s worth a lot. And there were many people who spoke to me in broken Russian, talked about their family and other activities, joking and very funny.

The majority looks at them as simple migrant background, which notice is not necessary. Ignore them, do not respect them. However, I realized that they are very good people. From them I have learned humility, which many modern people just don’t have. I realized that there was no other, if you get a higher education and speak well in Russian. You can even be a Professor and this piece of shit. The dishwasher can be much more friendly and it will be possible to rely on. And all these educated guys cannot. And I don’t think that someone who brings my food, than below me. Why? We level. And these guys even have something that many working in the «real» work to do. Respect.

3. Self-sufficiency

I remember how I felt when my friends were working «real» jobs, and I just rubbed the tables and carried the food in the cafe. And who else went and sat on the neck of the parents. Then the crisis came, the yard was in 2008, and they started to lose their jobs. Lawyers, bankers, managers. Someone continued to sit on the neck of his parents. I continued to RUB the tables and listened to another interview did not bring any fruit dude, how bad was the labor market and how the guys planned to find a job and didn’t find it, «because I can’t do full-time through University as a waiter I do not want.» I wondered, listening to the stories about how someone has run out of savings, they are moving out of rented apartments and home do not allow thoughts of having to go to work in the space below — in the service sector.

What am I? I didn’t have to move in with my parents, I could afford to rent a house. I could afford to buy clothes. I didn’t have to go to work in a stupid awkward costume to fit the dress code. I didn’t need to get drunk to forget about work troubles, and to find the strength to go back to work tomorrow morning. I didn’t have to take work home. These people are «serious» work, no happier than me.

Of course, working in the service sector not so fashionable, but such work is very little. Everywhere has its disadvantages. But there are advantages. I’m no longer ashamed of their work when they realized that thanks to her well settled. I lived in prosperity. I had a flexible schedule, I could even afford to go somewhere. I realized what a true labor. I was independent and I didn’t care that the «waiter» doesn’t sound as cool.Many of the waiters and bartenders have greater financial stability than do the managers. Trust me, I know whereof I speak.

4. The ability to interact with people

There were days when I had to count to ten before speaking. There were days when I lost my patience. There were days when I told the dudes behind Barca, I hate them all. But all these things taught me to handle anything. Women were yelling at me because their steak was not medium rare and well-done. And the table was too small. And the drink is too weak. And wait for the order too long. And the food is tasteless. And I’ve seen it all. And I managed to make laugh the evil guest, to force vile visitor to feel like an idiot and the coldest woman — ask me about my life. My colleagues treated me fine, because I knew how to handle them. I could serve and crazy lesbian who hated those who have a member.

I just read people. I know how to behave with the rich and the migrant workers: I had no choice, I learned. Depended on my salary. I had to please people, otherwise I would not have paid. It all depended on how I behave. I needed to know what to say, what to advise. If I don’t like, don’t pay me. I do not reprimand, do not bring me to the boss — just do not give money. The service industry teaches you to be versatile. I’ve seen a lot of different people and can predict how they will behave and how to handle them. The experience is priceless.

5. Life wisdom

There were days when I hated my job. I was tired, I was annoyed visitors, I am offended, I had pain in my back and legs, I was irritable, people are assholes, the guy is a freak, and aunt is very harmful, blah-blah-blah. But the truth is, I liked my job. There I had fun. There were my friends. We can talk about life, about our business, who we’ll be in five years and all the cases. When I under from work, all the stress was still there. If I needed a break, I went on a break. If I needed a day off, take day off. Two: I could replace. I in the end don’t do heart surgery! The most important lesson that gave me a job as a waiter, is incredibly simple. All of what we worry and worry, really not worth it. In our life we consider important completely unimportant things — something like that happened. All of these conferences, business meetings, no anything. Good memories, good relationships with people.

Build a life around their work. They rest, meet with someone to go to weddings and funerals only when it allows them to work. Because they believe that the world exists only because of her. Working as a waiter gave me to understand that work is not my life. It’s just a job. I’m just taking out people coffee. I was able to provide for themselves and not become an arrogant prick — and this is important in our lives. I stayed myself, and my job became my life — thanks to her, I just make money.

Yeah, I was just brought coffee. Because of this, I realized that if I get fired, the world will not stop. So around hundreds of cafes and bars — what’s the difference? To worry about work. So enjoy your life, pay your bills and hope for the best. It worked for me.