5 reasons to start your own business today, not when «the climate would be better»


Everyone says that today we need to be careful in terms of shift work. Moreover, they claim, is not worth thinking about opening any business, otherwise you’ll burn out within thirty-three seconds. And yet we are told that from the young guys — so-so business. Supposedly they are inexperienced, make a lot of mistakes and don’t know the rules of the game. And that’s before to do business, everyone should take a course of the young fighter, where the popular talk about all the financial troubles. For this reason, a lot of young people simply do not dare to go ahead, to forge his own destiny, as Velund forged axes by the ancient Scandinavians. They are afraid of the unknown, fear of losing those cash crumbs, which gives them a regular job.

But all these points are old and disgruntled — one big misunderstanding, designed to stop you. In fact, youth is an excellent Foundation for beginning a business career. The best time you can imagine. And here’s why.

1. You can be selfish

In fact, selfishness is a good thing when it comes to starting a business. The fact that in the early stages of a startup you have to spend a lot of time. And if you’re young, you think very few people, besides, you’re probably not even married. If old, you have wife, ex-wife, children and many friends who somehow take you much time. In his youth, you have the right to follow personal interests, disregarding the environment — drove the girl to the cinema and all the social problems of the day solved, you can go to build a business Empire!

2. The youth and inexperience on your side

You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help young founders. But to help you first need to apply for help. Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid to have to find sponsors. There are many different programs, even within Russia, to assist young entrepreneurs. It is possible to get a grant for the development of business, especially if the business is socially useful. So, of course, the state itself generates a lot of problems for the owner, but to use different funds plus never will be. And they, these funds, often sharpened by «young business».

3. The financial burdens are easier


Have a modern twenty years more than twenty years past. We do not take a mortgage, as we believe that financial slavery. We do not buy cars, because we believe that in a crowded city it is easier to move around on the bike without spending money on gasoline and engine repair. While we still have a lot of money that we prosive for games, movies and other stuff. Of course, a mortgage a car is not always a bad thing. But in twenty years, this rush is not necessary. Get older and from the car will get.

4. We can not sleep until morning

Remember your Institute? Remember, how was the session? Remember three consecutive nights you wrote a diploma, knowing neither sleep nor fatigue? All is possible when you’re young. Can not sleep, not eat and hardly drink, so as to achieve a good result. Already thirty will be hard to rotate, after each working day will want to sleep as it should. So, catch it while young. Mistreat your body in order to increase the impact of their work on the construction of its first commercially successful business.

5. Optimism and confidence

And a few words about youth and hope. Not every twenty year old is living by the laws of fun and joy, but without a doubt, feel confident in their abilities. If in 20 years you don’t think will roll the mountains, in 40 years you think for sure won’t. Your confidence is every year smaller and smaller.

It is not necessary to wait for the perfect conditions, the flow of wisdom in your head, and of his fortieth birthday, to begin own business and to do it correctly.