5 reasons to move from the gym to the pool

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2014_H8KDBNGsv09EbPerhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think of exercising in the water is a group of pensioners who are in dimensionless swimsuits floundering in the pool. But in fact it is a very useful form of training that is suitable for all. Especially for young guys like you.

If you have not yet learned to swim, I do not think ashamed. Hire yourself a personal trainer who will quickly introduce you to a fascinating water world. There are some undeniable advantages of water workouts that will help you to purchase a subscription to the pool.

1. It can’t be boring

Exercise in water — it is like viewing a huge number of episodes of «the big Bang Theory». You’re surprised that you don’t get bored. You’re having fun and you want to continue to do so indefinitely. We advise to bring your friends and sign up with them for group training.

Group exercises involve the workout for all levels, beginner to Pro. You don’t need any special skills for doing that kind of exercise. You just have to be positive. Most importantly, you have fun.

2. This effectively

You’re not doing the workload on your joints but burn huge amount of calories. This kind of exercise is less traumatic than a workout at the gym. When you swim in water you feel a lot easier than under the influence of gravity.

So you’re more mobile, you move easily and not feel the load. And fat goes away slowly, you don’t even have time to say goodbye to him.

3. It’s not traumatic

Various goods which you will use when training in the water can’t damage your joints. But don’t worry, the water has a natural resistance, so it is still very difficult strength training.

It’s easy for you to swim, but in order to move along the bottom you have to put in a little effort. Walk the bottom is not as easy as on land. Yes, thanks to kepu.

4. It is also a way of meditation

This exercise for the whole body: joints, bones, muscles and the circulatory system. In addition these workouts include a segment of meditation. It is scientifically proven that meditation can lower blood pressure and slow the breathing, then you relax and relieve stress that way.

Water exercises help people with chronic diseases and mental character. So after a heavy days, when you within a few days suffering bouts of hysterical boss, you go in the pool. You need a break.

5. It’s refreshing

Perhaps the most obvious truth. Why in the heat Jogging in the Park, if you can dive into the cool water and get the same effect. Plus, if you’re in the pool, you do not spray this nasty smelly sweat.

Trust from the exercises in water you get more pleasure than from grueling workouts in the gym. Both methods are good, but sometimes you need to add variety. At least once in two weeks visit the pool, we guarantee you’ll quickly become addicted.

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