5 reasons to love virtual reality

Work.com.ru_1.03.2016_cgwga5cWjhwkcAbout virtual reality are often spoken about. For twenty years do not cease. But lately this theme climbs downright from all apparent information gaps. Why? It’s simple: modern technology has made a huge leap. Today we see that all kinds of virtual reality systems have moved from the pages of fiction into real mass production of large corporations. January 6, 2016 opened pre-orders for the Oculus Rift kits for the price of 599$ that sold out in a matter of hours. Over time, prices for such devices will fall and they will be sold and in Russia will appear more cheaply, and after that higher quality. Sooner or later virtual reality will not be very different from the usual reality. And that, no matter what anyone said, great!So why do you, dude, virtual reality? Explain with five illustrative examples.

1. Teleportation will be commonplace

And let it be virtual, some will survive. Now you can reap the rewards of long and hard work of Google when I use their service Street View: travel the streets of distant countries, see shop signs, street names and architecture houses. Did someone think it would be possible? I have no doubt that the first generation of modern equipment virtual reality will be able to communicate well with Google or something else.

Of course, this will not be fully real sense, but we think that it will all be very similar. In the end we will walk to other cities in real time, and maybe even order a private dance in the brothels of Thailand, being at home, somewhere in Uryupinsk. Panoramic images have become commonplace, and the virtual component will not be forthcoming. Besides, if you’re going to travel this way, you will be able to notice those details that I never noticed.

2. More cool movies

manygoodtips.com_1.03.2016_LwvcId6da0jJOYou like our selection of the cinema on Saturdays? Now imagine watching the movie where you were a direct participant in all that was happening, a ghostly observer, who can walk through a field of corpses (if it’s a movie about the war) or stay on Board the spacecraft (if you’re a fan of space epics). Far from it, of course. But now create a special movie for the Oculus Rift, which help you to distract from all the everyday and financial problems. You put the helmet on and turns, for example, on the moon, where you can enjoy a view of the stars and a huge screen with your favorite movie. A great opportunity to be alone and watch a movie without any cell phones, tablets, work-related calls. The guys are also planning to create an opportunity for collective viewing of the film, that is, if you sit yourself in a chair on the moon, next will be a couple more chairs, which will hang your friends, whom you invited. Sounds crazy, but we have long ceased to wonder at the possibilities of technical progress.

3. Attend concerts, and when no tickets

If you’re one of those guys who cannot imagine their lives without the live performances of their favorite bands, then you will enjoy the theme, which is moving everywhere. Some rock stars have recently been launched to their concerts monsters that shoot what is happening 360 degrees. Creates a full picture of the concert, which is very nice to use for virtual reality helmets. This man may be freely turned on the guitarist, then the headliner, then the technician who picks his nose. If the groups begin EN masse to record video in this format and to broadcast, our leisure will move to a qualitatively new level. Some group will play a simple bar of Los Angeles and you’re watching this from the office in Izhevsk. Are you kidding me? Such will be able to revive the concert industry.

4. The revolution in social network

manygoodtips.com_1.03.2016_pawtB0V2CHohwCommunication will never be the same, although revolution is still a little there, but the prospects for VR is enormous. For example, recently we learned about the project AltspaceVR. The project looks damp, but that’s only because he is at the forefront of this movement. Wear a helmet and you can play chess with a friend from Mexico city, while in the building of log cabins in the middle of the Arctic emptiness. The basis of friendship is always communication, the ability to speak, the opportunity to hang out together. And AltspaceVR is moving in this direction, trying to instill the capacity for communication in virtual reality. All of this is just the early stages, it is not far off and the final product.

5. Games, games, games

Stay in the game and not just look at her. Carry a bigger gun, pull the trigger when you see hordes of decaying zombies, osmatrivaya, hide, learn the world, to Rob caravans!

We have always believed that the game industry does a lot to change the way civilization of man. Yes, we get negative experiences, but not most futuristic concepts does not provide an absolute care in an artificial reality? Oh, and don’t tell us what we need to live in the here and now, we understand. However, he should know that for many, the possibility of such care will be manna from heaven. People are becoming more paths of self-realization – less.

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