5 reasons to journal

Work.com.ua_26.04.2016_BowrerOK6ovTrMany believe that keeping a personal journal is something girlish, unworthy of an adult male. Remember all sorts of American movies, where girls in a pink room painted in their pink diaries your pink view of the world. Maybe you’re a movie and not seen, but it definitely is. But in fact in Russia for centuries was made to describe life’s events in diaries. Merchants kept records, kept records artisans, priests kept records and even emperors recorded their everyday experience. All this is not at all surprising, because people often can only trust yourself and no one else. Even in war, when by ear fly the deadly missiles, the people found time for a simple conversation with themselves. After they returned home and could understand their lives as anyone else, because they had documentary proof of the experience. And that no one will take away: no TV, no generally accepted «truth», nor even you yourself, when you become weak, the old and angry. The journal is a way to fix himself in a certain stage of life. And ashamed to write it, and especially do not be lazy.

1. Feedback

Know how to make the company successful? To establish a feedback with the customer, at least. If the Director of the company perfectly understands the desires of its customers, then everything will be in openwork. The same statement is true for the people of the state, those who rule us. If the President, king, even the dictator understands his people and gives him what he wants, then his power will be a long and successful reign. It seems everyone agrees. But your body, your mind and your soul are different from that of the state? You yourself are in a space that also have to be known. And to do that, it is necessary to establish feedback. The easiest way to do this is to start journaling.

2. Important points

manygoodtips.com_26.04.2016_48w9vEJIMYlBqOur memory is negligible in comparison with the memory book pages. We forget things and even more distorted. The event which was painted black, will become white when it will take only a few winters. No, it’s not because you’ve become wiser and understand things differently. Just the previous feelings were erased. You have created yourself an illusion, and therefore can again repeat the same mistakes, which broke a lot of heads, destroyed a lot of good days. Journaling, you can insure, to save the iconic scenes of life in their original form. Imagine the feelings that you will experience when you read lines of thirty years ago. Vivid images of the past speak with you, and you feel the importance of the moment again.

3. Your reflection

Some say that people never change. But those people who say that just don’t notice the passage of time. Changes are imperceptible, they are difficult to see, if you watch a person every day. Even its transformation is not easy to detect, but perhaps only in cases when you have a portal to the past that opens your eyes to what you were before. This portal can be your diary, but with one small condition: you have to be honest with records, and that means to be honest with you. Write what you think. Describe your lifestyle, goals and desires. Analyze what direction your personality. Why are you devolving, maybe everything goes on as usual, and change nothing.

4. Future

manygoodtips.com_26.04.2016_jQ8jdsKJ26DYwYour diary may be worthless to you just a collection of fragmentary thoughts and unrealized desires. But your children and grandchildren will be happy to read the story of your adult life. Aren’t you curious to know about what was found the meaning of life your grandfather? It is always better to read his honest record of his youth, than to listen to the speech, which a little spoil with mold senile folly. Besides, journaling, you will describe problems and their solutions. Imagine life hacks half a century ago. I think they would help us.

5. Expression

It just so happens that most of the world’s population will never have the opportunity to Express themselves as they wish in their natures. People are in cells that can be called in different ways: norms of decency, morality, religion, professional ethics. We have to restrain ourselves from what is suffering is our own «I». The diary helps to lighten the burden. Now not 30 years, but because you can write there whatever you want. Boldly discarded all the world’s noise, all the necessities that you threw throughout life, and write what is written. The story of your life is not as boring as you think.