5 reasons to hate the gym

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2014_pViRLSh9QvTXtGoing to the gym is almost like walking into a strip club. It’s nice to feel you’re there, but in the end you are very well aware of their weaknesses. By definition, going to the gym should be nice and fine. Workout improve health. Often from going to the gym us not to hold exercises, and the gym. Or rather, his attributes.

1. Sports selfie

Nothing kills the pleasure of burning the calories that you ate over the weekend as the contemplation of taking pictures of yourself in the mirror dude. He looks like Schwarzenegger, because I never have fun on the weekends! The mirror in the gym is to follow a technique and not get injured, not to take pictures of their reflection and thereby to injure the esthetic feelings of all the others. Daffodils no one loves, especially when their body better than all the other dudes in the gym. When you see spelled out in the rocking chair man pictures of himself in the mirror, the desire to train disappears by itself: I do not want to associate themselves with such a jerk.

2. Ubiquitous assistants

This is the guy who tells everyone: «Come, I’ll back you up?» Hey, the gym is designed to do, and not to justify their latent attraction to men. This type of not simply will give you advice and criticize your body, he will try to sell you supplements, so the next time you had occasion to talk. Let’s be honest with each other: they all go to the gym, because unhappy with the reflection in the mirror. The guy who pokes your nose in your weaknesses, reinforces this feeling of hatred and directs it not only you, but also for the external world. Destructive tendency.

3. Flirting

She works as a fitness trainer or in the fitness bar is always smiling and winking at you. She even knows your name and remembers what you spoke last time. This girl elevates your every workout for 15 minutes, and every time you are trying to figure out what she likes you or communicating with you, it just kills time at work? Now your attention is focused not on machines, not on the technique, and thought about this lady. Much better when all of it separately.

4. Expectations

Many people prefer to workout at home going to the gym for being too prosaic and mundane reason: there’s no need to wait until the machine is released. It’s hard to motivate yourself to go to the place where you have to wait for 3-10 minutes, to be a millimeter closer to the desired result. As long as you look like someone stopped practicing on the simulator to stretch out, you’re filled with despair. Who would have thought that one set of 13 reps takes the same time as colorful fantasy about killing a man?

5. Elderly people

They not only occupy every trainer much longer than young guys, but forget to wipe the machines. As a result you forced to lie down on the wet bench, or wipe someone else’s sweat with his towel — in short, the permutation sum is not changed. Moreover, the old guys wary of women and it is useless simulators, creating the appearance of workout. Of course, these attempts are worthy of respect, but still the only advantage of the old in the gym is a Soviet t-shirt with naive print of yesteryear or the clothes he received from his grandson. It is always interesting to observe the summer man t-shirt ONYX or Limp Bizkit.

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