5 reasons to hang back and not take the position

Between perseverance and obstinacy a fine line. First quality is a virtue, and a second infamous feature of immature men. People often confuse these concepts, thinking that stubbornness is what causes irritation. But in life there are moments when you find yourself extreme pain in the ass, most annoying bastard on the planet, but the only person who is right. When you put pressure on the team, family, circumstances — you have to stay true to themselves, must remain intense, even if all around consider you a villain.

1 When I want to do the job well

Imagine that you cook. A very good chef who will prepare a good pizza. You are trained from childhood to do the pizza well, so always put in a pizza fresh vegetables and the best meat. Your credibility grows. The restaurant where you work, is becoming popular because of your pizza, which, without doubt, made all the rules and canons. But suddenly the chief comes and says «To hell with all these quality products, let’s deshevym process and leave the price the same!». He gives you rotten meat and thinks that everything is fine. In that case to do?

If you value your name and reputation, you have to go to war even under pain of dismissal. It is impossible to do in advance shit, whatever he was. Reputation is something that stays with you. A clear conscience is something that people carry with them to the grave. Poison one customer, and you will turn away everyone else. We are therefore convinced that if somebody says to do worse than you, it’s time to become the most intolerant person in the workplace. At work too the principles.

2 once we get women Talking about their favorite woman that is pretty, but doesn’t reciprocate. Some shrug their shoulders and go find a new girl, but they will always regret that not enough persisted. You have to understand that there is always a chance you could have released in free swimming the most appropriate friend who you could be. So take the balls and try in order to win a friend.

Today, when relationships can change every two days, to be a gentleman became unfashionable. «Care for the girl? Why bother, when there are those who do not need any courtship?», says most. If your goal is sex, that statement is quite true. But if you’re counting on something big, you have to be smart and all your best qualities, and most importantly — perseverance. It is likely that the girl will not be in awe of your courtship, but it’s just a possibility, not an absolute truth. How much have you heard stories about that «at first she rejected me, and then…»? Ten times, no less.

3 When you want to overcome your weaknesses

Harder to breathe in those moments when you’re fighting with yourself. Especially if your weaknesses acquired during your inaction monstrous shape. For example, if you’re a drug addict, somehow difficult one to overcome physical and psychological dependence on drugs need help. But if you just «enthusiast», then you have time to see the danger of dependence and to make the right conclusions.

In any case, you will encounter many problems when you want to do away with their weaknesses, whatever they were. If you want to eat less, the stomach will never let you go — will whisper to your brain about food. If you want to become a strong guy, so after the first week of training, the muscles will begin to ache as never before, and the laziness in your personality will be much more. Nothing does not come easy, especially when you want to change the system even if the system is you. 4 When defending their ideas Name us old-fashioned romantics, but we believe that ideas deserve to fight for them. And even those ideas, which is not to say aloud. How dangerous is it in Russia? Not like in the 30 years of the twentieth century, so don’t be a coward. At least you will not kill, although earlier people willingly went to their death only because they wanted to preserve the dignity and dedication to his ideals.

Today is hard to imagine. People are too apolitical, they absolutely do not care about the spirit, faith, honour and all that is chosen outside of the comfort zone out of the fridge, beds and sex. But if you are exactly the person who possesses at least some ideas, it is hard for them to hold on — no need to give up their positions in the society that always and everywhere, prefers to stay at the curb. You’re a rare beast in this zoo.

5 When you know exactly how to do better

We had a friend who kept saying, «and I knew that it would be» when going on some kind of hell. We this guy didn’t love, because if you know in advance, then why didn’t why didn’t you report your wisdom to friends? But then we caught myself thinking that will do so. Know that man makes a mistake, but don’t talk about it. It is possible that the role of our uncertainty or universal apathy. But good people don’t do that (and we’ll try not to do that).

If you know for sure that the person is wrong, that you can do something better, talk about it, to prove his point. In the end, people will thank you, even if you won’t listen to you, though your task is to make them to listen to you. In life many situations when you can save a large enterprise, if you just put your foot down.

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