5 reasons to go to jail

Most people would never want to go to jail. There is nothing good waits for no one, especially in the most cruel prisons. However, some people find benefits in life behind bars and commit crimes only to end up in prison. Here are 5 reasons why some people want to go to jail.

1. Life outside is hard

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A former prisoner lance brown shortly after his release from prison for Bank robbery threw a brick through the window of the Federal court in 2011 to again go to jail.

Brown stated that he was homeless and hungry, so he would prefer to spend time behind bars in a Federal prison than on the street.

2. Quit Smoking

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Want to get rid of the habit of Smoking? Then act like this woman, and attacks on official. 31 year old Etta Lopez approached the Deputy Sheriff, who just got out of County jail Sacramento after the end of his shift and gave him a few slaps.

She is immediately arrested and put in the camera what she wanted (as reported by Lopez), she wanted to go to jail to quit Smoking.

3. Friendship

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When your friend is in jail and you have nobody to talk to, what are you gonna do? Set fire to a police station and join him, of course.

That’s what two canadian teenager, probably made in a day scrappy Sunday is a day to do something that you rightfully can be called ass. 13 and 14-year-olds were arrested on suspicion of arson after the arson of the station of the Royal canadian mounted police in Manitoba, Canada.

The teenagers said they did so that they could go to a Winnipeg youth jail to see their friend, who was already sitting at the fire.

That’s why we need friends.

4. Comfortable life

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I want to stay in a luxury hotel, but don’t have funds for it? Just do a crime in Norway and go to prison Holden.

Bath, mini-refrigerators, flat screen TVs — no, it’s not your place, it’s Holden, the new solar prison in this Scandinavian country, which was branded as the country with the most humane prison on Earth.

Some cameras also have a kitchen and dining room, and don’t forget about the design of furniture and indoor basketball court rises a wall.

Also, if you’ve always wanted to go to a cooking class or music, but you don’t have the time or the money, Holden will fit your needs. In addition, of course, a running track, a chess Board, benches for relaxing among the beautiful trees.

In General, Rob a Bank or two in Norway and go to a comfortable hotel in prison Holden.

5. Health

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Frank J. Morrocco tired of living in prison» (as he called life in freedom, dealing with the American health care system, so he decided to return to life behind bars.

46-year-old Morocco, a former prisoner of Amherst, new York, who suffers from leukemia, could not afford health insurance, after she got out of prison at the end of 2012.

Morocco knew that could get medical help they need in prison; and all he had to do is to violate parole. He began to Rob stores, and went to prison.