5 reasons to forget about the Olympic career

Olympics — an event, of course, significant, strong and dynamic. It’s not just the competition of the best athletes around the world is something more. First athletic games were held in honor of the gods, they possessed sacred power and mystical overtones. Today, the Olympians are not the glory of Zeus, but as before they take the brunt of many external forces: politicians, criminals, social norms, and religious misconceptions. To be an athlete-an Olympian — it’s like walking through a minefield with a blindfold on, where each step could be your last, but you don’t give up, because the price is higher than all the gold in the world (this athlete has definitely). But before becoming such a giant like Michael Phelps, who already broke the Greek record for number of Olympic medals, the athlete will have to deal with the complexities of this great sport.

The cost of participation

Perhaps you believe that in compensation for the honour of their country at the Olympic games, each athlete was allocated a lump sum of coins, which is enough for a comfortable life, but it’s not. Almost every athlete that you see on TV, laid out a large sum to try his luck. Many of them begged for the opportunity, others bought it, the third borrowed.

Take for example the situation with the United States. The government of this overseas superpower provides financial support to their athletes (from more than two hundred countries participating in the games, America is one of the three who does it).

The U.S. Olympic Committee can afford the cost of 170 million dollars a year that go to scholarships, social payments to a small number of athletes, most of whom have big name in big-time sports. And discipline should be appropriate, in other words. If you are an athlete of any sport, all very bad. Money you will not have to look for sponsors or take.

Even the most famous American athletes in such sports as running, jumping, discus, earning 15 thousand dollars a year just in case, if the income to add all of the sponsorship agreement referred to scholarships and prize funds. The athletes are millionaires, of course, is a rarity (if not talking about massive sport, like football). So, all sorts of long-term staff spend a lot of time begging. Some do it even in the network, «If you love rowing, then throw a couple of dollars to realize a childhood dream come true!». Sports career, which is focused on the Olympic heights, really expensive. Think of all the expenses, equipment, coaching, travel, inevitable consultations, training.

Dope is very easy

We have analyzed the problem of doping at the Olympics, the problem is, I must say, painful and almost impossible, if not to rethink the phenomenon. Doping scandal still suck all participants of the Olympiad. Some speak of it with genuine malice, the other, they are smaller, trying to find solutions. In any case, our athletes branded tablet monsters who win their medals due to different drugs. But if you look at the history of doping scandals, you will see that many famous athletes were caught on doping, but for them the hunt is not conducted. For example, the Sprinter Lashawn Merritt is not passed as the doping test, just told stories about what took some tablets for potency at the kiosk, and there was a prohibited substance. And he proved it in court!

But the athlete was still punished — he was forbidden to participate in sports competitions within two years. Some athletes fell foul of doping control and less good reasons, like use of food additives that do not have taint of the crime. Also, the disqualification may occur due to abnormal behavior of your body.For example, if it will produce more testosterone than is specified in the averages. For the female half of the Olympics, this situation is the most important, for example, infertility may give rise to emissions of testosterone. And it’s nothing this reviewer can not prove.

Many doctors believe that if every athlete’s check «in full», the number of disqualified will be over a thousand. But this Olympic Committee can not afford, so he finds a «scapegoat».

A pawn in the hands of the rulers, not the athlete


Hooray, your family spent all the money to train you properly and prepare for the competition, you earned several chronic diseases during the hard work on yourself, you dodged all of the chemicals that abound in our food and had the opportunity to take their place in history. I’m sorry, you’re not going to the Olympics, because the political situation is unstable, look for another job.

And not only in the political problems of Russia. This situation is standard for the Olympics. This show, which are millions and without a policy is not enough. The Olympics are often organized a boycott. The first modern games held in 1896, there were no international scandal, France and Germany were angry at each other during the Franco-Prussian war and did not want to participate together. Since that time, and led to exclude most «questionable» from the point of view of the global community, countries that participate in the Olympics.

Publications like The New York Times long ago called the Olympics more of a political competition than a sport. And, indeed, athletes are beginning to resemble a tool to achieve political goals on the world stage. It is hard to disagree with that, for now, a boycott can have any reason, even cultural. For example, in one country do not like gay people. And here the defenders of the minorities, in the face of the Olympic Committee, it may refer to the cultural characteristics of another country in order to prevent their participation in the world sports madness. If this is true? It is unlikely, because the athletes do not make the laws in their countries it trades the state.

It’s one thing when athletes boycott the Olympic games on their own, as it was with Rio. It’s quite another when the President decides it’s for the athletes (remember Jimmy Carter and the Moscow Olympics). And now imagine that you spent your whole life to win a gold medal, but you won’t because the politicians decided everything for you.

The trouble with health

Sport is life, but professional sports life will call. To be an Olympic athlete to be constantly injured: a concussion, asthma, fractures, stomach problems and much more. Your body thanks you don’t say if you’re going to perform acrobatic pirouettes. Recent events only confirm this.

Believe it or not, but the majority of concussions occur in synchronized swimming, where getting a foot in the head — a common occurrence. Even so, you have 50 % chance to get to the hospital after her performance in this deceptively sophisticated discipline.

The layman, in fact, quite unaware how dangerous and difficult sport. And the problem is not limited to contact and team sports. Sometimes the most dangerous obstacle to the athlete is his own brain. Archers and arrows of different kinds are particularly prone to this. They may think that they are in great shape to make the perfect shot, but its own matrika suddenly fails them, they panic and lose the bow down.

Panic is a constant companion of athletes who remain behind the scenes. Although some show a closeup, like burst into tears the Spanish athlete, who almost disqualified for jumping into the water before the starting gun. But he just heard some kind of cotton, apparently, came from the stands. Recent studies show that the so-called «target panic» is not just a psychological breakdown, which is very common among athletes. Target panic is a neurological disorder that is caused by repetitive movements.

The pension is waiting for you

Olympian’s career is not eternal. It’s not like the writers where you can write books till the end. The athlete has an expiration date, and graduation may occur suddenly as an athlete and all his fans. It would seem that a good sportsman, after retirement, does that bathes in the adoration of his people, government and families. Well, good luck with that.

Athletes die twice — this is the essence of the life of the Olympian. The first death occurs after you’ve finished your career. You will not be 60 years old but you feel old, which is hard to get used to normal life. Will have to get a decent job, possibly not associated with the sport. This means that you’ll have to re-learn to work on yourself.

Million behind will not be — only memories that quickly fade into the background of all of this show with celebrities and pop culture. When the athlete goes to bed, then immediately remembers all the gaps in your education. It is very limited in life, in a sense — he’s not ready for it. Only some become successful and start to talk nonsense on TV under the guise of notable industry professionals. There is another option to go to the state Duma — there is a lot of athletes probably have work to do.

According to the materials of the Adam VIRS and Marina Reiman

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