5 reasons to do crossfit


One of our readers noticed that we always write about the gym and pay little attention to other ways to stay in shape. And we take and turn! For example, to crossfit. Why we chose it? Because, first, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money. Secondly, it appeared relatively recently, and trying new things is always interesting. In addition, the other, here’s five reasons to do crossfit.

1. The structure of the training

Yes, there is a training plan that will enhance your strength, stamina and energy. If it is correct to make a program, you will be almost Superman. When in one pot mix weightlifting with intense workouts on a daily basis, plan a day becomes much easier. All you need is to make time to come to practice and go the extra mile. People spend thousands of rubles on going to the gym, personal trainer, and sportpit do a couple times a week. How can I convert this prospect on daily workouts that do not require large expenditures?

2. The spirit of competition

Everyone in this community work hard and are all trying to lift more than others at least per kilogram or to perform at least one repetition more. All doing the same thing that you did, and no one has secrets from the other dudes in the group. Everyone is trying to do the exercises better, faster and more others. When can you compare yourself with others and see who can do it better, that is the coolest motivation. You can do the same workout, and cool crossfitter to reach their level and surpass them, good in the world is YouTube.

3. Changes

Change and development in your body will happen right before our eyes. Remember those times when you actively grow and grow and you have a broken voice? Remember, sounded like shoulders? Drama there were times, though enjoyable. You can endure something like that again, if you do crossfit. You will see how your body acquires a completely different, though much more pleasant to look form. This is probably the best body type that you have ever seen. Daily workouts are worth it. Just imagine how in the summer you go to the beach, and women will be lustful to look after you.

4. Community

Rumor has it that crossfit is a closed community turned on him people. The way it is. Yeah, okay. Think about it, how can 4-5 times a week to train side by side with the same people, then go out and suffer from exhaustion, heading towards a common goal, and not to converge? How can you not exchange phone numbers or at least not talk to each other? Not possible. It is a way of life. All of these people will become your friends. You will have common topics to discuss, you will begin to spend time together after training. That’s good. Making new friends is always nice, especially when you become an adult: years to do it is not as easy as before: the older you get, the harder it is to get close to people. And then such a wonderful chance!

5. Results

To monitor the progress of the athletes are very nice, especially if the athlete is you. Doesn’t matter, you have started to exercise recently or have tried a bunch of stuff and can honestly call myself an athlete. Crossfit gives you a space for something new and useful. If you want to lose weight, you’ll lose weight. If you want to build muscle, it will pump. If you want to become more confident you will become. Crossfit will change not only your body but also character. I agree, it’s nice to be confident man in good shape. Want? Crossfit to help you!

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