5 reasons that affect your habits

manygoodtips.com_15.03.2016_R9JNLNJKDAmkQAny event in our world occurs by chance. It is preceded by a cause, the so-called trigger, which this event had triggered. It’s always clear, especially if used to analyze everything from world news and ending with the mood swings of a friend. Many people think that habits appear by themselves, but this is incorrect. They do not occur in a vacuum, but to find the cause of a particular habit can be very difficult. Even harder to use the triggers in their favor, for example, to replace the habit (Smoking) helpful (20 pushups per day). Why should pay close attention to your habits? Because they are, in essence, an active action that does not bring us discomfort.

But how is it to use triggers in their favor? About it will tell.

1. Time

Time, perhaps, the most effective way to trigger a new habit. Remember though morning. When you Wake up, then run a sequence of habits: shower, teeth brushing, coffee, reading the news. Note that many tasks that you repeat day in and day absolutely thoughtless in not only the early but also during the day: snack at the same time or, for example, lights a cigarette at the same time. Try to perform your routine, your feelings during the day, evening and morning. Maybe your habit is only a reaction to what you’re feeling at a particular moment: for example, eating muffin at 14.30, not because hungry, but because you’re bored – so you dilute the monotony of the day.

The point is that if you understand why the activation of habit at certain times of the day, you can easily find the best time for a new, useful actions, so you don’t just give up bad habits (so much harder), but replace them with something else. For example, every weekday I write one material to 13.00. No matter how good or bad I feel about the subject, no matter how many letters are in the text. The main thing I adhere to this chart constantly, and I it is now easy.

2. Place

manygoodtips.com_15.03.2016_Mx5Or8PERhvI7Dislocation affects your habits, that you can not even argue. Just go to the kitchen and see a plate of biscuits to understand it. You didn’t feel like eating, you don’t even like cookies, but for some reason, actively chew it. I think that the location is a powerful trigger for the habit. Our behavior is largely a reaction to the external environment. At Duke University (Tim cook – one of the graduates) came to the conclusion that unconscious are fixed on certain places (office, Smoking room, café, house), and what new habits easier to find a new place than to try to fix it on the old, simply put, current places are already occupied.

If you want to still take the «old possessions», then you will have to deal with those signals that your brain is already appointed to a familiar space. Partly for this reason, people who start new life in a new home, really change your habits and live differently. The brain easier to accept all these changes. And if the lighter of the brain, it is easier for you.

3. Events

We are at the beginning said that a habit is just a response to what is happening in your life. For example, your phone vibrates and you take it in hand to read the text of the message. The message lights up on the tablet and you instantly verify your account, in order not to miss something important. These are examples of habits that are invoked by the previous event.

Like can be used. Enough to be able to find the right precede the events that lead to positive action. In fact, you create a relationship between the event and habit. Not necessarily it needs to be logically justified. For example, do you think that if you drink a Cup of coffee, your performance increase, which means you can do all the important things in the first third of the day, and the rest of the time to devote to details. We all know that coffee is not a magical substance that makes us superheroes. However, if you believe it, the performance really can grow significantly, and you will definitely develop a beneficial habit.

4. Emotional state

It was a bribe.field.ua_15.03.2016_QoNKLGbmI5C0TFrom my experience, the emotional state is the very trigger that creates bad habits. You’re feeling depressed, awful and subsequently smoke a pack of cigarettes or Downing beer all day. The joy of this is no, but negative in bulk. But nothing can be done. We are all subject to emotions and to control them, not everyone can, and even use it to create something constructive and even more. I think the point is that if you want to cause positive habit, you have to be aware of their emotions, to explain it.

Negative energy, in fact, a very powerful thing – ask any abstractionist. Some people, when under stress, simply ceases to live: they are lying on the couch all day, doing nothing, eating ice cream, just there. The other part, by contrast, shows rapid activity. Anger, for example, a good reason to engage in physical labor. I agree, it’s better to do planks when you’re angry, than to ransack the apartment.

5. Environment

But don’t forget about people. It is foolish to deny their influence. Your friends, relatives, colleagues are actively involved, without even realizing it, in shaping your behavior and your habits. I once read an absurd study in the medical journal (alas, do not remember the name). So, the doctors came to the conclusion (it was in the States) that if your friend has a great fat ass and obese, the risk of obesity and you grow by 57 percent, even if one lives hundreds of miles away, and you communicate across the network.

It is logical to assume that the same is the case with alcoholics, drug addicts and fans to upload photos of their legs in Instagram. In this regard, it is reasonable to surround yourself with people who will serve you as an example.