5 realities of our generation that we need to take

To demand and expect the best, while trying to achieve goals and results, working at maximum capacity, is the main reason that in our generation, almost all polls suffer from depression, chronic fatigue, nervous breakdowns. We can deduce a simple equation: Happiness = Reality – «Waiting»; because so many of us tend to rely on patterns of success and prestige, given the experience and realities of past generations, instead of understand, and what actually they want. What can we take as a given, to calm your nerves and move on, ignoring the tearing cognitive dissonance?

1. You don’t get your dream job after graduation

Confucius once said, «Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life». We guarantee that, having received the coveted diploma, you’re going to have a few years like a slave, plowing on pointless and physically demanding work, or sitting at a Desk like a fruit cake, wearing on a costume office plankton and the mask of a diligent person-employee. But we all, or almost all, have been through this – it is an integral part of the way, searches that somehow lead you to the right door and interesting challenge. You have all the chances to your job became your passion, definitely not immediately. Try to be realistic, but always dream bigger. Most importantly, do not give up, because you like them brick by brick building your life and your efforts, patience and effort depends, whether it will be successful and happy. No excuses, no special conditions – just you, here and now.

2. You’re not financially stable to 30 years

A bachelor’s degree and going in search of a new job, you will be surprised to understand that nobody is waiting and is not met with open arms. And even more, like you – a big set, like crazy girls at the Mall on Saturday, in the midst of the seasonal sales. You can continue the search, agreeing that God will send, and can return to school to continue education to obtain a specialist. It does not matter – the fact remains that with or without him, you won’t be the same financially independent at that age where your parents were. Most likely, they already had you, and they got out as I could, trying to adequately contain and support a family. In many Soviet families had to set aside money for a «rainy day». You live momentary desires, indulging in whims, if it’s there. I can not judge whether this is good or bad, but it’s characteristic of our generation as a call to live one day.

3. You don’t take things without question

Our regular throwing doubt involved strong test stress, failure, pressure, and information redundancy. But that’s the price for seeking the truth, or at least the Golden mean. Religion, environment, or politics – any area of modern life undergoes a comprehensive discussion. We don’t take anything as a given just because some authority figure has told once what to do. We like detailed justification and explanation for everything. We grew up in environments where our opinions mattered and decisions were taken collectively and in the family.

4. We do not have those indicators of success that were our parents

In generations past, the perfect picture of the world of dreams was the image of a large bright house in the suburbs, away from the noise of the metropolis, green manicured lawn, fenced white picket fence, children, a Golden Retriever and maybe a Benz in the garage. It’s cute, but seriously, who’s got time for grass cutting and snow removal today? And what about fatherhood? Do I need to comment on this item, if your longest relationship was 7 months? And some couples just don’t want to have children, and that’s okay! Your understanding of success is a purely subjective thing: it could be a penthouse in the city center or a rented apartment in walking distance from the metro.

5. We have no way/desire freely to love

To start, maintain and develop relationships much more difficult for us, as we pull along a lot of emotional baggage from the past. It affects not only girls, but also the best of us. We still open the meaning of loyalty, devotion and terrible words: «forever.» We want to have a girlfriend harsh days, but this idea seems more and more utopian. In addition, we are familiar with pessimistic statistics, which says that the numerous and growing in number, a divorce is the norm. We just need a little more time, an extra hour in the day to catch my breath and rethink priorities and the current state of things. Anyway, dude… Even this list is a list of stereotypes, considerations about what is a trend in modern society. And you know what? The sooner you will destroy the template definition of success, happiness, society, whatever generation you didn’t, the sooner you will find happiness.

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