5 questions you should ask yourself to stop ruining my life

As Carlin said, life is a thing quite simple: «get Up, eat, go to work, take one good shit and go to bed.» But the man stubbornly continues to mess up her life with all sorts of different ways. The main reason is social pressure and pressure of the individual from the inside. The individual has no idea what to do, and makes various, including stupid mistakes. People, unfortunately, are stupid creatures who can’t help but notice the raging flames, and then to be frightened at the sight of ash. Instead of making mistakes, just stop and ask yourself one of these questions. And everything will be easier.

1. «How do I know whether I’m in an unhealthy relationship?»

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In women, this really is decidedly easier. You’re going past the rack of magazines and on the covers of each of them beautiful glowing tips, how to improve relationships. Let’s not talk about the quality of these publications, our attention will focus on one such question: «is this relationship slowly murdering one or both of us?»

All the women’s magazines offer one method, but we offer something different, focusing on the research of one of the leading American experts on relations. What’s the point? Carefully look at the woman you’re in a relationship. Now imagine that you married her. Then I thought that you were with her 10 years of marriage, and then you suddenly announced the divorce. Think about how you will react to this response. Feel the outrage and pain? Can you imagine why? Feel resentment? Now repeat that in my life, and after two years you finally realize that the relationship was so-so. Radically, Yes?

Bad relationship is very strong sleep is not Wake up, to evaluate its unreal. The deeper the sleep, the less you think, «Oh, God, something’s wrong here!» More and more difficult to get out. Bad relationships — those that are you sure you still feel something when it’s not even close. Habit, nothing more.

The discovery of this fact far better than what your life turns into a cold war with espionage and infighting. But is there any other way than described above? Very simple. Do you think that if she dropped 5-10 pounds, that is unreal hot. Or if she would be a little higher, or she’d have bigger Breasts, or she stopped drinking and you would love her more, and would have started you with her full Nirvana. You shouldn’t lie to yourself, friend!

2. «How do I know if I’ve chosen the right job/career?»

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It’s amazing how many people don’t stop and ask themselves these important questions. If they get up in the morning, going to office the ocean and feel that at heart they are dead, and at work all I want to add fire, it is strange that they continue to eat the same cactus.

Often we hear: «a Shitty job? But it’s there! I have some money to eat and where to go. Smart people once said, «Be happy with what you have!»». Actually, it is, of course, a trap, and this phrase can apply to anything. But there is something else! You spend the best years of his life, losing vitality and dying in the shower.

3. «Am I ready to have children?» and «Will I be a good mother?»

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Your peers for sure or have children, or intend, or do not want to have children and otherwise are afraid of them. If you are thinking about the school children, because I sincerely do not understand what to do next, it is an alarming symptom. If you are thinking about the school children, but I’m not going, because I’m not sure that’s not the challenge, then you’re fine.

In my experience, crappy parents never think about various cases from the point of view of children. Bad parents don’t put myself in the place of children children are not more than a difficulty that you have to put up with, like a disease or a hated job. These people do not understand that children are not adults, even talk to them that way. Always worth asking questions like «is This good for me and for my children?» or «It is my desire and my children?». By the way, never think that your children are a extension of you, unfortunately, but the child is a separate organism.

So, by nature children are selfish, in the sense that they don’t see that there’s something else other than themselves. While they do not know how to be compassionate, to be altruistic and to understand that they are not the center of the universe, they need to teach! If the man had never asked themselves the question: «Will I be a good father?», drew him to have children.

4. «How will I know that I’m an alcoholic?»

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We think that alcoholics are those who lie in hospitals or lying near a Magnet, but screw you! Stages of alcoholism is not light pretty much, and the constant desire to consume alcohol is an alarming bell. If you seriously can’t endure a week without alcohol, I congratulate you, you have the first stage of alcoholism. If you do not understand the holidays without alcohol, and on every occasion run to the beer shop in the basement of the house and buy it 4 liters of beer, because your friend came by to bring you a flash drive… you must be talking about something else?

Alcoholism is dangerous! Really dangerous! The idea is to quit drinking completely I personally do not support, because there are so many delicious and healthy alcohol. I support the idea to drink in moderation, it’s harder than not drinking at all. Even in the article from Wikipedia there are the first signs of alcoholism. It is worth to see.

5. «I understand that you became an adult?»

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In ancient times, it was simple: you were given an obstacle course, you passed it, then went to kill the wolf brought his skin, and voila — you are now a man and grown, you can find yourself a wife. In the recent past, it was easy. You’re 14? Have you worked in a coal mine? Work there until your lungs will not get a smooth black color, you can still go to war. Of course, the person growing up there was not observed, and there was no need: as long nobody lived.

First and foremost is to understand that the presence of own children does not make you an adult. Absolutely! Two people with functioning sex organs can give birth to cubs. And there’s no magic of growing up after that, everything happens naturally.

For example, the guy who went at age 16 to work to help his mother with disabilities. Dude worked like a dog, in fact, did not spend a penny, gave all mothers on medication, bills and food. Another example, guys under thirty spend all their money on branded clothes, tuning cars and live with their parents, which they still feed. These guys are getting married and require from women the same treatment as their mother: to walk around them and serve.

The difference between these guys is obvious. You will know that become an adult, only when you are able to take responsibility not only for themselves but also for others. When you put their needs above their own. In fact, signs of loss of infantilism quite a lot. You are no longer afraid of loneliness, know what they want and know how to look back. But the ones I listed above — the base.

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