5 questions that will help you to understand your life


The path of life is not much different from traveling through uncharted territories. Many of us from time to time stop and ask ourselves many questions: «am I doing it right? I need to live for yourself or for others? How do I know what I need to do this? If I don’t know what to do in life, where I know?».

These questions are very similar to finding your purpose, true happiness. And if you ask them, but because I hope to see in this text a direct answer to them, then you’ll be disappointed. Life is not as easy to fit it into one briefly to admonition. Life is a series of questions myself. And, at times, is not as important an answer as a question.

1. Why do you want to find my purpose?

Try to answer this question. It is clear that you want to make in your life, some drastic changesbecause your life is dull and boring or, at least, unsatisfactory. But the General condition of your psyche cannot be called a response to the question: «why do I want this?». It is better to put a blank sheet in front of him, take a pen and start writing about what you want to change in your life, how do you want to change and what do you see yourself in the future. Write whatever you come to mind. It really helps.

All the reasons must be important, and only important to you. You are a unique individual with individual needs and desires. There is no better way to learn responsibility than to try to translate the desire into reality.

2. How are you going to manage time?


Let Einstein thinks that time is relative, but we know that it is very real, especially when you live a life carefree and stupid. Remember yourself as a child? In those days our parents had to drag us from the things that we liked. And this child went and hid in the Palace of reason in the darkest corner. And you need to Wake him up, if you want to give your life meaning.

The school system and societal pressures have forced us to believe that everything that we were passionate about, makes no sense. Important only income that is real that you can touch, which you can buy a car, a microwave, a couple of chairs and a garden gnome. Perhaps should be guided by this strategy, because secret doors often was death. But today, you can afford to spend part of their time to achieve professional competence in any field that I love.

3. This will surely be your choice?

Are you sure you want to do this? Or do you follow the fashion, the momentary desire, which will come to naught as soon as you encounter the first problem? Ask yourself this question every time you think you’re doing something from the usual boredom. Maybe you don’t need any radical changes in my life. Maybe you should just learn to relax and not to move mountains on the path of destiny.

Try to analyze your desires with the position of the observer. Affect anyone on them? Mother, father, brother or best friend? How do you evaluate the choice of profession, speciality? Young, we often go on about the elders, choosing a faculty, which we did not like, and therefore work on a habit for life. Trust me, the second time to re-learn than to follow a path not chosen you.

4. What’s important to you?


Back to our clean sheets and, this time, try to record what you regard as important. Don’t do it in one sitting. Take your time. Start with the simple things, for example: exercise regularly, spend time with friends and family, learning to play a musical instrument. Pour these settings your Foundation, and then write something more difficult: to learn to enjoy the moment, be open to different ideas, to become more patient.

Keep this list, which can take several pages to themselves. And revised it from time to time. You can make it part of his diary, to always understand their value orientations, which are very easy to get lost in the world confusion.

5. What do you know about yourself?

Many psychologists recommends that you begin studying the world from reality, and himself. And again we begin to ask ourselves questions, which hundreds. Can you accept criticism? Honest are you? Independent? How do you react when faced with something distant and incomprehensible?

The answers to these questions will give a comprehensive view of self. If you learn how to analyze the collected information, you’ll get a General idea about how you act in a given situation, you need to tweak, delete, and you need to pump.

Don’t worry if you can’t answer these questions now. The finding your purpose is a slow process. Remember, the modern way of life places emphasis on the cognitive side of our being, forcing us to neglect our emotional feelings. Keep in mind that you do not need. And the mind is not always your ally, because the person is not only a cognitive being, but also very emotional.

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