5 questions, in which it is better to ask someone else’s opinion

the guy with the fat bitchIn the age of social media and dudes, and friends depend heavily on other people’s opinions and seeking approval of their actions. We strive to have endorsed everything from spontaneous drink at the pool to buy a new t-shirt. So, all the same.

These days, a lot of value attached to other people’s opinions. Why do you think there are Instagram, Twitter and Vkontakte?

Yes, people love to tell others about your life, tell the world what they have done, what cool things they do, but it is much thicker. They want to be noticed and accepted, just once again to make sure they exist in this world and that others know about it. The problem is that we have completely forgotten how to discern when we need to ask someone else’s opinion, and when we can handle it yourself without telling the world about their Affairs. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and people are already slowly beginning to realize it, but not everything.

Can set a good example. I recently saw in the news Vkontakte post one girl about how she broke up with her boyfriend. She talked about him bad things and accused him of all the idiotic crap he’s had to do while they were together. By the way, it’s not a matter of sex, could be opposite, I just gave an example.

And this post gained likes! And she continued the story, telling about how he called her and texted — all in real time.

And then I came up with three things.

1. Who the hell cares? Nobody touch your stuff, because the relationship involves only two people.

2. How man could meet with such a crazy idiot? (Answer: probably, the key to sex).

3. What is wrong with the society if it appears to us to be the norm?

And so, I came up with a fourth idea: I wanted to immediately delete your account, but as it usually happens, the desire quickly passed.

If you need a website or some special app to support your life choices, then throw it in the trash, where are your balls?

But sometimes you really need advice. And not the General public, and simple human compassion. If the decision will affect your future life, to take it sensibly and carefully. People needed advice and gave them to each other since the dawn of man, now no need to go to the opposite extreme and never about anything, no one to ask. Here’s five situations when you need to ask someone’s advice.

1. Sex for one night or to continue the relationship?

This is one of the most pressing issues for men: I want to meet this friend or should I just leave the field? To choose both is impossible, so you’ll have to decide, and make it easier with someone’s help (with your bro). Honestly, I often resort to this option: it so turns out that the guys notice something in this mouth that inexplicably escaped my attention (sex blind). But friends should be trusted, man.

2. To stay at work or leave her?

You see, my friend, is a difficult and responsible choice, there is clearly need advice. Moreover, Council should ask anyone besides your parents. You can’t just come to them and declare what you think to quit work. No, it is like death. In this matter also it is better to consult your bro, because at least one of them have been in a similar situation and knows how to get out of it. And bro don’t look at the world from the perspective of fifty years of people who believe that if you lose your job, you never will find anything better. Dudes will appreciate the situation from the outside and they will not cover strong emotions as you. They are not steamed and will help you to make a balanced decision.

3. A big deal machine, pet

The decision in respect of all other except the above mentioned items, you can make yourself. And about the car you can decide if you’re good at this. In the end, it’s your money (if your money), why do you want someone else’s opinion on how to spend it? However, bro can confuse your dudes and such dilemmas. Often there is not even a question of money, and the willingness to take on this burden. It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons, as well as the financial side of the matter it may be delayed. If you make the decision alone, you don’t have to consider everything.

4. Drinking games (and other games): what are the rules?

Last weekend I saw one guy tweet: he asked what the rules of the game «Tiger is coming». Why write a tweet about game rules? That’s stupid. You’re holding the phone, you idiot. Google. Look at our website. And you play with other people. If you hesitate to ask, and just look at them and do the same thing — will not lose. Why this hype?

It’s okay to write to a friend SMS or call to ask the rules of the game. Not even necessarily alcoholic. That’s what I do if I need to. However, news reports from the scene — is idiotic. First, it suggests that you seek someone else’s attention. Second,that you’re bored.

5. I want to see her?

Dude may be plenty to understand, as is over his past relationships and how he is ready to again resign ourselves to this headache, but sex is blinding, and in the end the guy can take absolutely idiotic decision. Therefore, an Advisory vote will not hurt you, but rather will help to avoid unnecessary, inappropriate, in advance doomed relationship with an unsuitable woman. It’s not cowardly, it’s just a view from the side (usually there is more visible). Bro can keep you from error and guide you on the right path to harmony and pleasure.

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