5 questionable ways to travel in time

Emmett brown argued that it is enough to accelerate to «Delorian» to get in the past and in the future. Although many who have the courage to disagree with the torch and offer their theories. However, they are all dubious because they do not have been tested, with documentary evidence of their success there, and the scientists themselves are not sure. We all know it is possible, just don’t chose what way.

Anyway, the idea of time travel – something very strange. How many time we are waiting for a collapse, the emergence of alternative universes in which we confuse as mentally ill in a straitjacket, and is to go into the past if after returning to Earth the earth will be 6000 years, whereas the journey took no longer than a day? In the end, deal with it before you ruin past. In the end, if it were not for Hitler and the Second world war, most of our grandparents would hardly have married each other, because there were all sorts of situations, the novels on the front and evacuation. Yes, and there was a great choice. Well, God bless him, it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that the Bible does not say.

1. Put your forehead the future

Here are the most primitive of all theories: you have to run so fast until he reaches the forehead and can’t break the future. And what is most surprising, in fact, this statement is absolutely true. The faster you go, the farther it will fly.

This was the subject of many experiments. For example, in 1971 an experiment was done, and not to delve into the technical component, say briefly: the research team flew around the Earth until, until there was time travel.

No, really. They loaded the plane atomic clocks and flew East until I returned to the place where we started. When the researchers landed, the clock on the Ground were ahead by 60 nanoseconds watch airplane. In other words, the clock in the plane was effectively raised to 60 nanoseconds into the future. The researchers then flew in the other direction. The time clock aviation 270 nanoseconds ahead of the earth.

This is because the clock on Earth was not stationary, since were on the surface of the rotating Earth. Hours in the plane, which was flying to the West, was slower, so compared to them, on the Ground everything slows down. So the famous scene where Superman flies around the Earth and back time, just a figment of the patient’s brain of the writer.

By the way, consider that this type of time travel in our pocket. Your phone is connected to GPS satellites, which have been adjusted under deceleration (in satellites because the passage of time). If this is not done, your navigation system is the nearest KFC will lead you cracovii hangout the next area.

Let’s assume that you have already invented a car that actually allows you to travel that way. We achieve speed and make the jump from 60 nanoseconds to 60 years. A few minutes or a few hours around the planet, and then boom! – a bright future!

Only here will you be able to live in this future where everything you’ve forgotten and if remembered, then only as asshole, which is endlessly spinning around the Earth.

2. Tight holey objects of comic proportions

If you saw «interstellar», the essence of the theory should be clear to you. The closer you are to large, dense object, the slower time passes. For you.

Mass time travel had been observed. Scientists fired a huge laser at 10,000 miles up. Sometimes science is left with no other choice but to shmalyat from megapussi into space. But the experiment confirmed that time actually moves at different speeds depending on the distance from the gravity.

And what is this shot given? Nothing, once again confirmed the theory that near a supermassive object, time flows much slower. Closer to the Earth the passage of time is not as fast as in the stratosphere. So if someone suddenly decides to use the mass of Jupiter to travel, good luck. Just squeeze the mass of the planet to the size of the cans, and then the trip will be 2 times faster. And no need to fly to the black hole that is supermassive enough that, so also is the present galactic time machine: the time around him flows well, very slowly.

The most amazing part of this theory is that a similar trip is already happening to you right now. Actually this happens everywhere, not only in the magical horizons of some mysterious black hole on the other end of the galaxy. The core of the Earth moves through time slower than people standing at a bus stop in Makhachkala. When you stand, your ass is aging more slowly than the face (although it would be better Vice versa). We don’t need a machine to travel through time. We just need to close was something huge, like ego Milonova or carcass Stas Beleckogo. Although even if such a machine is that it uses a horrible weight, will be created, will instantly appear the crowd of protesters, who fear the collapse of space, that the Earth’s axis will shift, and Snoop Dogg will become President.

3. Wormholes and Krasnikov tubes

You can’t travel through space-time faster than the speed of light, but with pipes Krasnikova this problem instantly solved. Just cut a tunnel through space and time, and hanging around here and there, one of those green pipes in «super Mario.» Here too there are input, output, and most importantly, travel well, are very fast, regardless of distance, so it is hardly time to get bored.

Such a «Wormhole» is not a physical object, the curvature of space and time. Schematically it looks so: two layers of space bend in a certain place until, until you face each other, like cowards, stuck in the ass.

The main advantages of pipes – you can create them artificially, and the biggest plus – the traveler returns to the same at the same time he started the journey.

But remember: cutting a window to new stars at a distance of 3,000 light years, you risk getting caught in an intergalactic war.

In 1993 Professor University of Wellington Matt Visser noted that the two inputs in the «wormholes» from the difference in time may be joined without the occurrence of quantum field and gravitational effects that will lead to the collapse or repulsion of the wormhole from each other. Simply put, the mass will increase, which will only destroy the poor of the pipe. In addition, this method of movement, in fact, does not violate the so-called universal speed limit is the limit of the speed of light – because the ship itself is not moving faster than light. The wormhole shortens the path not only in space but also in time.

4. Mexican bubbles

To travel faster than light as real as the milk of the female unicorn and drink the milk malevolent leprechaun. So stop thinking about it, it’s stupid and unrealistic.

So everyone thought, until the 90s of the Mexican scientist Miguel Alcubierre did not think about the bubble compresses the space directly in front of him and surge him behind me. All that you need – tons of negative energy (it’s not about envy, murder, apathy, and the speeches of Vladimir Solovyov).

The idea was purely theoretical and even fantastic. Even with the existence of negative energy moving bubble with a diameter of 200 meters requires the energy equivalent of the mass of Jupiter. Here Solovyov will not do, will have Kurginyan connect.

However, in the last few years was the proposed modification of his ideas in which «bubble» was replaced by tor, and negative energy have been altogether unnecessary. In this case, the calculations show a need for energy that contains only a hundred kilograms of mass.

Even an experiment was conducted, which proved that space is curved perfectly and without negative energy. But there is one problem: the bladder is sensitive as a virgin in the first experience with a woman, and too many extraneous facts may confuse him with purpose.

5. Cylinder in a galaxy

What is the cylinder Tipler? Somewhere in space, about to the left of Betelgeuse, is a rotating cylinder. Take the ship and happily go there. When you get close enough to the surface of the cylinder (the space around it will be mostly deformed), you will need several times around it and back to Earth. Reminds Buryat shamanic ritual, but space is always not easy. But you will arrive in time. How far into the past depends on how many times round the cylinder along the orbit. Even if you feel that your time moves forward as normal until you go around the cylinder, outside the distorted space, you inevitably will move in the past. It’s like running up the down escalator.

It remains only to find this cylinder. Apparently, it’s something very big and as long as a… the films of Nikita Mikhalkov, but so far no one has seen them. Neither the telescope, nor in any other devices. The astronauts asked – they had not seen. The cylinder – thing is hypothetical, calibrated from the Einstein equations, and because no one knows how this journey will turn out.

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