5 qualities that you should pay attention before you let someone in your life


1. Loyalty

Its presence is difficult to establish immediately. Often we can’t recognize the lies until they became friends with the man and he will not lie to us or about us behind the broad back. Your only way out is to pay attention to the disloyalty of man to former friends and girlfriends. Most likely, his attitude towards them is important for your future relationship. Of course, there is no smoke without fire, there would be no gossip and rumours without Foundation, but remember: on the other side of truth is a cause or a story that can radically change your understanding of what actually happened.

2. Reliability

Unreliable people who fail and are late, we must by all means be avoided. There is nothing more insulting than when someone cancels a meeting last minute or declares that he will be late by 45 minutes when you’ve already reached the place. As if your time is less valuable than his.

Reliability is not the ability to follow the plan, and respect. Being slow to forgive and forget, if it takes place only from time to time, but if this happens all the time… even to apologize is ridiculous. It’s a habit, and habits formed character. «Pay attention to the thoughts — they become words. Pay attention to the words — they become actions. Pay attention to the action — they become a habit. Pay attention to the habits they form in nature. Pay attention to the character — it becomes your destiny». We did not come up, and sun Tzu.

If you ever see someone close to you formed a bad habit, help them immediately, before she became part of them. If a new person enters your life, make sure he doesn’t have the fateful bad habits (to each their own). People don’t change, if you wishes, and not change to please you.

3. Passion

Surround yourself with people who love what they do. These people will motivate you to find your own passion, strive for it and achieve it. If you’ve found your life’s work, the more likely you are soul mates. Or romantic, or Platonic — and what could be better?

From soulmates, if they exist at all, similar interests. In the end, we can say that opposites attract, but it is understood only in the context of previous Hobbies. Opposites like «lover to get up at 4am and run» and «lover to get up at three in the afternoon, because there’s no reason to Wake up early» will not be attracted to each other for no reason.

Have you ever met or was friends with someone who was interested in nothing? This not only makes the depression, but also drains emotional strength. You feel obliged for them to find a hobby. If the attempt fails, you understand that is their only hobby and passion. You’re their only friend; you revolve around the world; you’re the only with whom they interact from day to day. There’s nothing harder than to be someone’s everything 24 hours 7 days a week. Seriously. Get out of this as quickly as possible. If you can’t at least try to surround yourself with other people at the first opportunity.

4. Mind

It’s not IQ – not to be confused. This is the level of quality of communication by which a capable man. Someone who can only discuss the latest episode of the reality show, gossip, or brag, can not become a true friend. With each other these guys communicate well, until life got bred.

A mind fueled by read books, meeting new people, gained knowledge, etc. — in fact, it is close to the same passion. So unreasonable people no fond of. If your new friend does not possess any hobby and just hanging out in clubs and discusses the series, you’re not going to make him a worthwhile person.

Sometimes foolish guy hard to know at a glance — for this you need to meet and chat. Sometimes it’s necessary and ten meetings, but in the end you will understand everything.

5. Ease

Those signs that are encouraging people not to be passive aggressive, and will not behave arrogantly after two months of Dating:

a) he had a lot of laughs at your jokes, very good jokes, not rude and laughing at myself when doing something wrong;

b) it is spontaneous and likes to try new things (he can’t wait to try a new dish and get out of the comfort zone);

C) your minor mistakes don’t cause them to lose his composure.

And remember: psicopatico nature, the better it hides it, sometimes for months. Ask yourself: is that a habit? This character?

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