5 qualities of a man who decided to work for themselves

It is possible that the text you’re reading in the office, at their most unloved work — head off to you, and you’re barely making ends meet, but afraid to leave. You are completely defeated, because life is not going as you wanted it. You expected that your diploma will give you an advantage, but it’s just gathering dust — serves as a stand for a Cup of coffee. Meanwhile, your childhood friend is living well: opened a business, bought a third apartment and the second car. Do you think that he was lucky, he had money and connections. You this, do you think that will never happen. So be it, if you’re going to think this way.Your friend has established himself and achieved success on their own. He quickly realized that to start a business do not need the money, the influence and patronage of the Greek gods, and a desire to become a man who is worthy to take the destiny in their own hands. So you became a man manygoodtips.com decided to talk about the things that you need to understand exactly when you decide to make a solid and confident step in the direction of work on himself.

1 Time time is the most valuable resource that you very much. But to realize that «a lot», you have to break several templates that were created just because you didn’t know how things work in the real world. First, you’re not going to use your time, spend a lot of time to rest, sleep and entertainment, which do not give real satisfaction. Secondly, business is work, you will have to spend more than 8 hours a day. There is a great misconception among the masses, which is the belief that the entrepreneur is a parasite that does nothing, and only operates the people. Leave that shit to Marxists and other unemployed.

Desire 2

What kind of desire should be a person who wants to work for themselves? It first must get beyond all the usual «don’t want to work want to earn». To work without the protection of a company is very difficult — you’ll have to compete, to make decisions, so a desire to work for themselves should not be limited. Needs to be sustainable and viable idea that will is higher than your egoistic tendencies. It’s like the writers. If you have nothing to say to the world, the pen is better not to take. 3 will Power You will find hard work, which may just destroy your psyche. So nervous people to take up the business, we do not suggest, because the circumstances will force you to experience your character practically every day. You will be in a constant nervous stress that may develop into real mental illness. Suicides among entrepreneurs are not uncommon, so you’ll have to eliminate their psychological problems out of the way so the business has flourished, and life was hell.

4 Courage Business is a challenge for everyone, and cowardly men to do in the business is nothing. Have to solve a lot of questions that will lead to many mistakes. So, any businessman makes mistakes, and nobody will protect him from them. But the power of a good entrepreneur that he is ready for failures, because business is a perpetual change of UPS and downs. You need courage, which will be bordering on madness to accept such a life. If you’re a coward, that first contract (and it happens to everyone) will be the last.

5 Stiffness

Not cruelty, but stiffness. You have to understand that every decision can lead to total financial collapse. And you have to understand that not everything depends on you, you will have to cooperate with other people, who, no doubt, want you to cash in. There is, therefore, a successful business based on some gingerbread. Sometimes you have to be firm — be willing to cross the red line of the person who crossed your path. Nobody should use you. And you, my friend, should not give a chance for the scum to have you.

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