5 professions with a bad reputation

People, and we consider ourselves part of it, regularly humiliates a number of professions that truly have a bad reputation. And the bad reputation that in turn attracts not the best of people. Such is the relationship. Many of the media looking for the same hot reasons to hang on employees of a profile, all the sins of mankind. But it’s not really fair, right?

manygoodtips.com decided to find out what was happening, to separate flies from cutlets, roughly speaking. And that’s what happened.



First on the list of most controversial guy in our state – the police. Good «uncle Step» has long no one believes, and the parochial authorities are attracted to this work of pure scum. Not surprisingly, many people not only don’t trust «gentlemen of the police», but also nourish the genuine hatred. But think about where does all this hatred. Really from personal experience (with batons kidney repulsed, champagne «treated»), or a matter of bias, which is cultivated by the media?

The situation is complicated, because the horrors are really happening. However, always remember that there are policemen who do their work every day, faced with all sorts of wild shit and solve problems. Unjust criminal cases that occur in the news, is just the tip of the iceberg because there is so much we just don’t notice: the catch rapists, pedophiles, the destruction of the gangs, eradication of the terrorists. In General, don’t be so strict with them, because they are all lyrical digressions are on our side.


Many do not like the guards, especially when, after 15 shots you have to convince the bouncer to its adequacy or when I go to the Mall, choose a gift for a friend, and look at you like a suicide bomber. Now a new problem: you had to show the contents of the bag when going through the metal detector. Dangerous times! In General, one of pain and sadness. It seems like the guards are specially created to get you out from under our feet, and in this case they reached perfection.

But let’s be fair – they are needed. Some people will always be wild and beastly, and we just need these guys to feel safe. Quite a lot of cases in which such individuals save the situation or stop the thieves.

The priest


To be a priest too, you know, the job is not of the best. Some of the people asking you about everything, the other spits you in the face, thinking that in the back yard you have a parked Ferrari. But, anyway, the priests needed. At least as long as our people do not begin to use the services of psychologists, it is very much in the Church is based on psychology. Techniques utilized by physicians, often reminiscent of a confession – a typical conversation with a «representative of God on earth.» Clericalism us disgusting, but we have to admit that at the moment all that is necessary. And what will happen next, we don’t know.

The economist

The most useless people on earth who do not decide anything, but only sit their salaries? Indeed, it is possible to apply all such parties, and no one will blame you, but it is necessary to think a head and think well, because right now we need as many sensible economists who could ask the right vector of development, or to find a way out of complete darkness. Unfortunately, many do not realize that the solution to the economy is often taken not for economic reasons and for reasons of personal interests or foreign policy. Perhaps if they’d listened to the experts, it would have been much better.



What is the biggest mistake you can allow in a Russian court? In addition to the belief in its justice, of course. We will respond to you: to score on finding a good lawyer. If the person refuses from it, you can safely send the guy in a mental hospital, because he himself dug the pit. But the attitude of the lawyers people don’t have: suck money, lose things, solve nothing. But the reality is not so. Defense in court – it is multifaceted and depends on many secondary factors that an ordinary man and not be noticed.

Professional, of course, in this whole mess brewed, can somewhere click somewhere to raise and where to seize the moment. So keep a good lawyer is always in sight, because I’m sure you will have to use his services.

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