5 professions that need to try every

Of course, I’m not the smart type and not know the answers to all the questions. I just think I know one way that can make the world a noticeably better within a year or two. And that’s all. I suggest every person on the planet to spend these two years working on these five positions. No, it will not solve all problems, but will make many things much easier.

5. The waiter

the waiter

Every waiter who reads this article, mentally saying «Fuck yeah», because anyone who has ever served tables knows if all will do this for at least one year, the world will be better. This is all true. I worked as a waiter at a shitty diner and upscale coffee shops.

Why everyone should try it

You learn a lot about people when you serve them. How a person behaves with the guy who brings him food, says a lot about this man. And you as the waiter begin to understand who you want to be. You’re the one who looks into the eyes of the waiter and treats him like a human being, or the one who snaps his fingers to attract his attention? Every person on this planet should know what it’s like to serve another person. It soothes, sometimes it’s generally awful, but for the most part there is nothing.

4. Work with children


Teacher. Counselor. Father. All this will do. I was a counselor a few times, but it was a long time ago, at the age of 17 years, so I couldn’t learn anything from this. And now that I am older and from time to time spend time with children. And I like it.

During this time I learned several important lessons — of course, not from the children themselves (they are little shits that can not and minutes to sit still), and from experience itself. For example, after children day I was walking past the Playground, and one boy wanted to see how many children can withstand a tire-swing. I was passing and thought it was fun and if it would be dangerous, some of adults have to stop them. When there came already the fifth small type, it suddenly occurred to me: I am an adult! Without realizing it, I walked up to him and told me to get off. I was the only one who stood between them and fell of the swing. I understood that they depend on me.

Why everyone should try it

It is very important from time to time feel like a man who unconditionally trust the little children. Obviously, those already parents, such work is optional, but others are very useful so to suffer your selfishness and immaturity and to realize how important it is to take care of the children. The fastest way to feel like an adult is when little kids hate you for what you’re keeping them safe.

And you begin to understand anyone who has children because the children are the most worst people on the planet. It’s the little liar who got nosey, and everyone who devotes their life to them deserves compassion.

3. Any technical support

technical support

I’ve never worked in tech support, but I checked and I’m an idiot, so I can imagine what these people have to deal with. Support the idea already seems impossible: you solve someone’s problem over the phone without seeing what needs to be fixed, and then you for it to be shouted.

I don’t really understand the technology, but know how, but most of all my parents, and sometimes I have to help them when they can’t understand the phone or how to download the soap Opera (Oh, it’s not the same, one less). And it is very difficult to explain to someone who damn not understand technology, how it works. It is the language barrier: they don’t even know such words. Anyone who has ever helped parents to understand the computer understands it. But if you work in tech support, you’ll have a hundred times a day to speak with such «parents». And they are all idiots, just like me.

Why everyone should try it

Repair is when you teach someone who doesn’t speak your language, fix their problems, just talking to them. Imagine how we can change, if we are able to talk to each other, having worked a year in tech support. People from tech support able to understand anyone, even the most stupid of fools.

2. Something to do with the government


Every man should try to manage people. Not all at once, one at a time over a period of time, because otherwise it would have blown the world to hell, and I want to achieve the opposite. In General, we must try.

Why everyone should try it

People who have no power, it would be useful to see how the other half lives in the world, and to learn. If serving people you teach others, when driving, you teach yourself. There is no better way to learn than to see what you’ll do with the government. Even a little bit of power is power. No need to manage a big company, you can be the assistant Manager at the supermarket — doesn’t matter. As soon as the position dooms you power and gives you subordinates, that is something.

It is important that the assholes realized that they are assholes. I had this job at the age of eighteen years, and it really flattered my ego. Every person deserves the opportunity. It’s a chance to find out how you can be a leader.

1. Work that does not require mind

physical labor

I may have talked about this before? I once earned a living washing dishes. I was a waiter in College to make money, and at night washed the dishes. I liked it because it didn’t have to strain your brain, and when you’re a student, it is sometimes useful to stop to think about something other than alcohol.

I also learned a lot about communication. All the people in the kitchen were constantly talking to each other, and I learned how to maintain a conversation on any topic. Despite the fact that most of the cooks — experienced pals, and waitresses — chirping with them virgins. What was the most important lesson? I have worked on many jobs, and most of them allows from time to time to mess around. Washing dishes is not one of them. As soon as you gape in front of you rises the mountain of dishes. If you don’t wash, the chefs will not clean dishes and the sink will not fit new dishes. With both hands, you’re annoying everyone and you will have to wash the dishes, like some machine. When you wash, you have to put the dishes on a special shelf, and it’s heavy. As soon as you return to the sink shelves, it is again full of dishes.

It’s not as hard how to treat people, but the rest won’t work. There will always be something to wash, because the restaurant is open. So 12 hours a day you’re doing your job. There is no opportunity to sit down and stretch my legs, sticky on the Internet and even go to the toilet. You’re just doing the same thing for hours at a time and go home. A kind of therapy.

Why everyone should try it

Because from time to time we all need to shut your mouth and work. Everyone needs to try a job that never gets easier, if you’re smart, cute and that sort of shit. No angles, which you can smooth. It is work from the series «That work. Work work».

In this world there are people who have never fussed around the house and did physical effort. Do you think they worth a try?

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