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manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_s3A3rKvTQ8VadWe have repeatedly written about the fact that a real man has the right to care for themselves. There is nothing wrong, and modern society itself pushes us to the fact that the representative of the stronger sex should always be fresh, neat and ready for any test. Of course, all men and so enjoy the means to care for themselves. To imagine my life without them is impossible.

In recent times, there are many tools, which combine several types of care — shampoo, shower gel and even shaving gel. Needless to say that such a means not only to cope with all these features fully, but also can hurt. You don’t fill in your car with a mixture of petrol, oil and brake fluid in one tank. For each mechanism needs certain care, and hygiene. It is better to separately choose the right shampoo, shower gel and so on.Shampoos can be different for different hair types. It is important to understand what type you have it, otherwise there is a chance you can hurt your hair and scalp, if you make the wrong choice.

The idea that the head does not need to wash every day, on the one hand, it is true, but there are some nuances. All depends on the type of shampoo. There are options with a stronger formula in their composition, and there are special quality products that will not harm and daily care. We picked up a great and proven tools for hair care that can and should be used of a true gentleman.

1 detox shampoo


One of the most interesting shampoo is Bed Head for Men by TIGI company for daily shampooing. This shampoo is detox, which combines the main components of qualitative means. It includes coal, caffeine and Pyrithione zinc.

What is detox? This kind of kind of cleaning the body, and in our case, cleansing scalp, and battery health for hair. If you use it in conjunction with a special conditioners daily care will only benefit. However, it is also suitable for one-off treatments to give the hair strength and energy.

2 Explosive shampoo


If you’re a fan of cool design pieces, the Field Manual shampoo Fast Shampoo from Tony Moly will delight you. It is made in the form of grenades and passes a true masculine spirit. No more sad jars, who doesn’t stand up. This shampoo will definitely attract attention.

Appearance is, of course, the most important advantage of this product. In its composition it contains mint extract, protein, keratin and iris extract. Active shampoo ingredients increase blood circulation, stimulate metabolism and improve overall condition of hair. Besides peppermint, the effect of this shampoo will give lightness and freshness to your hair, relieve stress and refresh in the summer heat.3 Refreshing shampoo


If after work you want to freshen up and get energized for the evening, you perfect shampoo Homme Deep Cleansing Cool Shampoo from loss hair. He not only copes with its direct duty to prevent dandruff and take care of the health of your hair, but also in its composition contains extracts of mint and menthol. This refreshing scent is familiar to all. Peppermint tea make up and the menthol will give a feeling of freshness. The impression that all your tiredness goes with the falling down water. And you’re now ready to conquer the world, because you’re a real man. You can’t get tired. You’re always ready for any combat.

4 Shampoo energy charge


The slogan of this product is simple and concise — «Energy charge». Indeed, science has already gone far enough, and there are different formulas that revitalize those skin cells that need it. If it does not go into details. The composition is So Intense Shampoo For mens Hair from Egomania Professional use such innovative technology, which is patented and has its own algorithm — SERATIN-K. Also in its composition added unique herbal serum. The formula of the serum contains: ginger, which helps to soften the skin; ginseng, which stimulates hair growth; tea tree, which opens up clogged hair follicles and vitamin a, which protects the hair shaft. Serum is a real elixir to maintain the beauty of the hair, which rapidly fills

their Dead sea minerals, vitamins and other

natural ingredients.5 Shampoo 3 in 1 for gym


If you still don’t like to carry a lot of jars with different means to care for you, we found a very good solution. After all, we do not throw our readers. This product combines three of skin cleaning products — shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Despite the fact that we still advise you to differentiate these products, there is a Classic 3-in-1 from American Crew.

Imagine the situation that you are an avid visitor to the gym and really take one thing with her is much easier than a whole bag of jars. Here comes to the rescue and this product. Company American Crew has long been established and it is used by the most wealthy and famous people. Also advantage of this tool is that it has a range of different volumes, which is very convenient for people who love to travel and appreciate their place in the bag as well as the invaluable time spent on the shower.

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