5 problems in this world that can not be solved alone

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2016_h0mUR2stHneksRemember «Game of thrones»? The series (and for someone book), where thousands of people slaughtered each other along the way snoshu in the corners? Shared power, destroyed kingdoms, destroyed the fate – did everything to fit the epic genre. But above all kingdoms shadow hung unknown «winter» and what was behind the wall. Castle black with his small garrison, and a couple of characters are all people who were worried about the future of the world, others wanted power and money. In fact short-term well-being for most expensive. Nothing like?

But only our real world, we are surrounded by things that are much worse than all the inventions of George Martin. Unfortunately, mankind can not do without a group of people to save themselves. The planet does not have its own gang of superheroes who are willing to give their lives for our well-being. But to unite we don’t want. What we have in this case is waiting?

1. Global warming

The first thing that comes to mind and is probably the most controversial issue. Half of the scientists trumpeting the inevitable flooding of dozens of coastal cities due to melting ice, the other says it’s a natural cycle, and global warming can not be. Both sides accuse each other of political bias. Especially persist in this country, which seriously depend on the production of traditional energy resources. But we score on these floats and just pick the worst scenario. Why do so? Yes, a wise man is always prepared for the worst. For this reason, a reasonable man continues to multiply his own kind, stupid dies all alone with the outstanding mortgage.

2. Preserving endangered species

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2016_olkiUdAOY4MN4The Europeans have to shoot in furry animals, the Arabs today a lot of problems, but Asians are involved in killing endangered species for all races together. They do not appreciate animals, which is already there, but appreciate the inside of the Siberian tiger that will cure you of impotence, and blindness. God be with the tigers, let’s talk about the production of palm oil, which trades in Indonesia and Malaysia. In General, to make more palm oil, need more palm plantations, but that was more palm plantations, tropical forests need less, so they cut down is mandatory. This reduces the habitat of many animal species, some of which are a marker of health for the entire ecosystem. And we can remember the Japanese slaughter of whales, although the Norwegian Vikings doing that now. It is clear that there is nothing you can do about it. For example, in Russia there are people (I forgot their name, but something close to Chukchi), who has long lived in the whale fishery, and if they ban watering the whales, then they will simply disappear, such cases. On the other hand, if it is to continue in the same spirit, many animals simply will not.

3. The preservation of cultural heritage

For someone Palmyra is a heap of ruins. For example, the fighters of DAISH, who have created a great monument of late antiquity, a real sacrilege. And such situations are many. I think the radical Islamists, who settled in raqqa, the last guys who will be a headache for the civilized society? The Egyptian pyramids some preachers are also considered to be pagan monuments to be destroyed. So our ancestors were not fools when they ate different antiquities in the national museums. Here they are in greater safety than in their homeland. Unfortunately, the conservation of cultural heritage deals with a small number of people, although to take part in it everyone can. Sign up to volunteer in the expedition, to work with a shovel on a dig, bring benefit in the end.

3. The threat of a Third world war

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2016_5th6vdTw5TUMmOnly recently between Armenia and Azerbaijan again broke out conflict. It is not excluded that the day after military clashes are already between other countries that are thousands of miles away from our house. No doubt, they will find reasons to fire. The world is constantly in the atmosphere of hostility and, at times, it all turns into a horrible confrontation that cannot end well. Politicians, driven by personal ambitions, just to throw wood on the fire of mistrust. Here we are already found their enemy, and they found us. Inhabitants easy to teach, whom they should fear and hate, but to find opportunities to cooperate, forces will need much more.

4. The danger of total control

Technologies are improving, and unfortunately, any repressive machine is interested in to upgrade the control system. Yes, you yourself take a look around. Left objectionable post on a social network – welcome to the ranks of hard-core extremists. Along with this title background information encourages such a disgusting thing as writing denunciations. Of course, we exaggerate, and it’s not so bad. Never forget that the people upstairs are idiots, like you and me. Absolutely no different. However, you can walk through the history of our beloved country and to remember a time when the denunciations were in trend as labor camps and death list.

How can you protect yourself? Get 90% of the population to take an active part in public and political life, that they were aware of everything that’s going on outside their kitchens, then maybe something will change.

5. Guests from space

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2016_k0yzahnD3E85JNo, not viruses or aliens, soulless pieces of matter, are called meteorites. Once this bastard hit us and wiped out the dinosaurs, which is still a tear welling (now they want to resurrect). At any moment it could happen again, and humanity has still not developed a plan of protection against this scourge. But how many came out of generations of gaming consoles and how much happened smartphones. And invest in the shield of the planet no one wants, except that one, but they have a small budget, although I have some ideas. For this project we need the political will of major States of the world. But this will not, because I live all the knives, without any thought about future problems.

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