5 prejudices that prevent us from living

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For many thousands of years, people have created a system of certain beliefs believe in which a lot of people around the world. Some of them are not only completely false, but also prevent you to live a normal life. Drop them!

1. Life and the people around me have something

Some people believe that everything that has to them. Go transport, swing right, need. The state, the people around, because they are lucky more close because they are close to all needs. The truth is that nobody owes anybody anything. But that is no reason to refuse to clean the room. Should always be some restrictions and responsibilities. But only mutual.

Life the more don’t owe anyone anything. There is no way: the strip of black, and her white. You cannot lay your hands, buckle up and wait as the plane, when the area where it will be to shake. The trophies themselves are not earned, they need to win. It is impossible to sit still in anticipation that you will fall good work, interesting cases, a beautiful girl. If you continue to believe that life will automatically improve by itself, you with this approach is just waiting for the pain of disappointment. No one will ever you just poured so much money, man, so if you want something, go get it!

2. The universe doesn’t work for you

And against you, too. The universe, as sung in one song Monty ^ Robert Cushman, hundreds of billions of stars. And they don’t care about you! Because it is the accumulation of gases without the mind and compassion. They are just there! There are plenty of people who believe that if you sincerely want something, the whole universe you are sure to help. So it is written, by the way, Coelho’s «the Alchemist», whom I sincerely love, for heresy banal. Now, friend, the truth of life is that the universe does not work on anyone. She’s not plotting against you, she doesn’t want to build them, she doesn’t even know of your existence, and certainly she will not be on you to plow. In order to achieve something, you need to act and not sit idly by. In the world, of course, there are lucky, but who knows how their fate will be then?

3. To become stuck in their life situation

Unlike animals, man is quite yourself can change your life situation. Fortunately, now the possibility of social mobility is not excluded, in contrast to serfdom. The shark cannot become a chef, ant will not be able to go to work as an editor, but you can change your life situation can. Well, or try. Even in the most totalitarian regime has always been able to escape somewhere. Of course, you could catch but it is better to live fighting than in fear?

Another thing — fear of change, that’s what keeps us from changing your life. If you perceive life as a floundering zigzag and continuous experience, it is simple, good and fun. The more variegated your life, so you have more experience and more stories to tell your grandchildren. Well, there is no such thing as «stuck.» If you have not planted, of course.

4. Never too late

Age is just a number. Of course, if you have not reached an honorable old age, you’re not just a number. If you seriously think that late to begin to do something at some period of time, it is only because you grew up with this faith. Girls are sure that after 35 they will never marry, but along with them 30-year-old women with children safely out of good people. Dudes are sure that after 40 they will never be able to make business and family, because they aren’t going to do, but it is not so. Stan was 40 when he began drawing his superheroes and became world famous. Because first of all it is this work didn’t like! Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, was 66 when he began to create this food Empire.

Maybe they thought all of this later, but still did the job.

5. Others will think that you’re doing some kind of garbage

Well, if you, a friend, of course, will not give all his savings MMM-2833 or go to the mountains to save a rare species of sage from the evil of the state, nobody will think.

We think too much about someone else’s opinion. Surely, you can score on him is not worth it, but to focus only on him is not necessary. You don’t want to be a fool, you don’t want others laughing at your ideas and dreams. It’s very frustrating! At the end of life far more unpleasant to remember those we have lost, instead of those that we did not. Rowling, by the way, wrote his first book when sitting with no money, divorced with a child. She refused 11 publishers, but agreed the twelfth. What now? She’s a billionaire, which proved that children’s books that grow along with the readers can be sold.

If you suffer from one or more false beliefs, then it’s time to get rid of them, unless you want to achieve at least some success in life.

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