5 popular science books that are worth reading

Long gone are the days when researchers could not interest a wide audience for his work. To be a successful scholar means, to some extent, to be a successful showman. Of course, there are many brilliant people who can not boast of its popularity, however, has made a startling discovery, the true meaning of which we have yet to learn. But anyway, we live in a time when brains often weigh much more than anything else, and therefore take the best scientific book written in human language, and pump intelligence.

Cosmos / Carl Sagan


There was a man, his name was Carl Sagan, whose role in the dissemination of scientific thought is difficult to underestimate. Thanks to him, there was a whole generation of modern popularizers of science, among them astrophysics, Neil Degras Tyson and Lawrence Krauss. We should also note that Sagan is directly related to the concept of «Nuclear Winter» along with the Soviet mathematician N. N. Moses, which partly served as a large-scale disarmament of the superpowers.

Works by Carl Sagan a lot, but it should highlight the most outstanding, one that has had a significant impact on the development of the space industry, the popularity of space as an object of study. And Yes, the title of this book is simple – «Cosmos» (1980). Sagan was one of the first men of science who dared to look at the problem from a very different perspective. When most scientists were convinced that if you can’t understand simple formulas and are not able to read the language of the Universe, which is math, then you have nothing to do in this area. Sagan is the most wide open topic, moved it to the mass field, one might even say in the cultural sphere. Easy language and very clear allegations made Cosmos one of the best selling popular science books, and gave its author the Hugo award.

The Selfish Gene / Richard Dawkins


Richard Dawkins is a well – known atheists, evolutionist, ethologist and generally a nice guy. Under the pressure of his arguments and caustic, explosive, critics could not resist any single opponent. Biography Dawkins is full of events, but if you omit particular Richard long worked as a Professor at Oxford University and in addition to scientific publications, for them are different in language and power books for a wide audience.

«The selfish Gene» is the work of the English evolutionist, through which his name became known to a wider audience. It was written already in 1976. According to the author, this book almost immediately formed a generally accepted view of evolution, however, it recently began to cause massive controversy and disagreement. Interesting fact: the word «meme», so widely suzanny us, first appeared in this book and meant essentially the same thing, what the word means now.

We need a name for the new Replicator, a noun that reflects the idea of a unit of transmission of cultural heritage or a unit of imitation. From a suitable Greek root we get the word «MIME,» but I wish the word was monosyllabic, like «gene». I hope my received a classical education friends will forgive me if I cut a «meme» before the word «meme».

Richard Dawkins

The God Delusion / Richard Dawkins


«The God Delusion» is probably one of the most scandalous and at the same time the best-selling books of Richard Dawkins. Quite a large-scale study, expanded to 560 pages of great text. Feature of the book is that Richard, telling his point of view, not just trying to convince us of scientific facts, it also uses a lot of religious and cultic material, in order to show the reader some inconsistencies, although, of course, the text dominates scientific thought, and it makes us happy. Overall, the idea of writing this work was to determine the principles of atheism normality and abnormality of some religious dogma.

Physics Of The Impossible / Michio Kaku


Michio Kaku is a Japanese American who passionately indulges in dreams of a futuristic future. The basis of her work is considered theoretical physics and astronomy, and the goal is to explain the universe, to convey complex scientific theories to the average reader. And Yes, he copes with it. We are often able to meet him in Discovery channel that tell us about the origin of the Universe, the concept of time, etc.

To a greater extent entertaining, but no less interesting. Michio, as a true science fiction from science, trying to predict what awaits us in the near future. Whether implemented invisibility, mind reading, can we make contact with extraterrestrial civilizations? For people who have captures the spirit of scientific progress, these themes can go beyond imagination, and one of the best specialists in theoretical physics will be able to reinforce our hopes for lightsabers.

The Future Of The Mind / Michio Kaku


That’s quite a specific novelty, which is published in Russian in 2015.

Many will ask: «What the hell is a physicist writes a book with regard to neuroscience?!» What Michio will just smile and continue talking about telekinesis, telepathy, and brain Antesten. Of course, the popular hit with more than science, it can be seen from the content of the work and the reaction to it: instant aspirations in the bestseller lists. But is it stopping us to read it at leisure?

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