5 popular games of survival

There are many games where you can be in the role of a sort of macho, superbrother the guy who is reckless and not what. You can destroy the army of aliens to enslave the entire state, to move prostitutes on his convertible and take their money. All these games are cool, of course, but lack of realism. They create the illusion that everything is in your hands, and you can do anything. But not everyone likes that kind of thing. You’re not God, man. But the world is not populated by the pink ponies. So in games there is no such genre as survival, otherwise survival.

Immediately warn that games of this genre a lot, and this article does not carry the ambition to list all the games in the genre of «survival». We just decided to make a suitable selection that liked us. But you can of course add to the list in the comments.

1. Outlast (2013), Outlast: Whistleblower (2014)

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2015_zmVZmjIfuFDcGIt just so happened that most of the good games in the genre of survival in horror. This game is no exception. The name itself translates as «Experience». And probably it’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of.

You’ll have to take on the role of journalist miles Apsara, who decided to visit a psychiatric hospital in mount massive in search of a good material, because of the hospital go sinister rumors. Of course, in a hardcore thing it is best to play at night, and even in the same house. Needed a good pair of headphones and a desire to kill a considerable number of nerve cells. At your disposal is a video camera and no weapons. You’re a regular journalist and not Rambo, and where to get a gun in a mental hospital?

2. Slender: The Arrival (2014)

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2015_5suRYr7EUBYPWSlender is an object network of folklore, which was inspired by the common «urban legends». This character originated in 2009 and immediately became widely known, giving rise to a number of literary works, movies and games. Actually, Slender: The Arrival game, consisting of 5 terrible chapters where you play a female character – Lauren. In fact, all the likeness of the detective, and you, like in the last game, we have to investigate all this shit, using a single video camera. You have no possibility to fight with the monster that’s chasing you.

Everything else in the game is simply stunning soundtrack.

3. Ark Survival Evolved (2015)

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2015_yjKPV9XSGAwTIIt is time to dilute the horror in the collection is very kosher game, which although is still under development, but available to everyone via Steam. What can I say? No plot, a true sandbox game, where you are butt naked on the beach without food, water and weapons. You are surrounded by prehistoric fauna and the sea of evil people who want to eat you, or shit on the head. If you want to survive, we all need to do yourself: clothes, weapons, even a house and a sleeping bag. But when you run an enraged Triceratops, how is this even possible? OK developers, we craftily his clothes, got a primitive axe and now going to build a straw hut wretched. No, the enormous crocodile, has other plans. It eats you alive, and you again find yourself with a bare ass on the sand without a stone in your pocket. The game is very interesting and worth the money (500 R. on Steam), even in the form in which it is now. You can put together your tribe and to chase birds up-to, to grow narcotic berries, which you can feed your domesticated tyrannosaurs.

In General, we like it. An interesting feature of the game is the development of the character. In other words, you start with a simple stone ax that was used by the savages, and gradually pass a way of human development, reaching for the bow, compass, telescope and even a gun. The game creators have promised to continue this evolutionary development towards futurism, where close to aliens and blasters.

But the ideal could be nothing. A significant drawback Ark Survival Evolved – it’s a terrible optimization. While we won’t be able to meet people who could play it on high settings. The developers promise to fix this thing, good updates are released several times a day.

4. Rust (2013)

It was a bribe.com.ru_1.09.2015_N8IQbIQxo742aEmulator life, very similar to the Ark Survival Evolved, only not as crazy and without the dinosaurs, even the zombies removed. Still, Rust is loved among the players. Unlike other games in the Assembly without shelter you don’t survive. You can of course try to hide before leaving the game, but it’s unlikely to help you. Indeed, the next morning you’ll find your character dead, boarded up the baton and completely cleaned out. So just think about the construction. In the game you will be greeted by a crowd of naked savages, who will be ready to eat you, not even pre-prepared. This was the atmosphere.

5. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010), Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (2013)

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2015_N2cBnPdlwJqBrAnother elegant opportunity to tickle your nerves. Generally, the Studio Frictional Games, which in the past was known from the game Penumbra, and currently is preparing the thing called SOMA, is on the verge of art. They did not have any serious failure, and the quality of atmosphere in their works have long passed from mouth to mouth. Another confirmation of the fact that to create great games, do not have to be behind a huge budget, the main thing is skill and talent.

Here and a series of «Amnesia» became a discovery for us. Or you great graphics, action, addictive but better than the rest. Really good story and mechanics that survival horror will not let you relax. A prerequisite for the game is the night time, as always. To achieve realism in games about the paranormal is not easy, but the developers did it. High-quality audio content attached. And, of course, don’t let yourself die.

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