5 personal qualities that will draw attention at employment

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2014_Ubn31AFMe8N1JExperience, higher education and the corresponding skills are extremely important for employment. However, numerous studies have shown that at the present time, employers are looking for more than just full summary. It is not only what the employee can do, but how he does it, and how it behaves during this work.

To draw the attention of the employer when a new employee at work:


Employers think that the majority of contestants don’t have the courage. What is the point of having a great resume, if you can’t confirm it at least a handshake? The first impression is very important. The interviewer will quickly lose interest in you if you can’t look him in the eye. If you don’t believe in yourself, then no you would not believe. So, cheer up!


Eighty-six percent of companies looking for a new employee based on their level of professionalism. This can make a first impression on the employer. After all, they probably need a real professional. There are two ways to stand out: you have to dress well for an interview, and to treat others with respect.

3.Openness to new experiences

Who is open to new experiences, this is the type of employee who will not limit themselves only to specified duties. So how is a person who always wants to grow, it will be more than happy to take on additional responsibilities in the workplace. This employee is willing to take risks, to try new things, and is the perfect tool for companies. He will love his career. And it’s good for everyone.

4.Intellectual curiosity

This feature is demonstrated in two ways: it is easy to find the way to solve problems and the desire to learn. The curious employee wants to know how, what and why is happening in the workplace. This employee monitors new technologies and finds new ways to solve complex problems. 57% of the respondents say they are looking for someone with intellectual curiosity.


The reason why employers are looking for this type of worker is simple: he doesn’t dwell on the details. This guy knows his duties and performs them without comment from the head. This person is efficient and able to work independently. The employee is not able to put your head down in times of trouble.

Look at your resume and think about what you can select.

Every employer of an individual, but at the end of the day, if you can show that you are professional and motivated, it is likely that you’re going to the place in this company.

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