5 pairs of shoes for a nuclear winter


For the history of cinema released 384 film about the end of the world. Even more to this event dedicated to the literary works of and about songs in General are silent. A special category is the so-called nuclear winter, a theory which was born in the USA in 1983. And despite the fact that relations between States is not as passionate as before, the probability of these events is still very large, as in 2015 year, the number of nuclear warheads in the world exceeds 15 thousand. A gap of even one such «baby» is able to do destruction at a distance of 30 kilometers. It should be noted that not all of them are in good hands and at any moment could fall into the hands of very unclean.

The consequences of a nuclear winter doesn’t really inspire, but give a lot of new features: for example, you can try to take the top spot in the coming anarchy. And to comfortably survive this unfavorable season, it is better how should I dress — the end of the world does not mean that you can spit on the style and dress the way you want. It is especially important to pay attention to the shoes, so as not to shake after another walks a radioactive ashes. We have collected the versions for various occasions during the post-Apocalypse. Even if nuclear winter will not occur, for the usual frost, they also come in handy, unless you blow the heavy snow.

1. Classic style


The riots that will come after a snowfall of radioactive isotopes, of course, require a firm hand. To reconcile warring factions and to unite efforts in survival, will have to come to the negotiating table. And it is very important to understand that you are a man of business and he can trust you. In severe conditions, the skin will be valued even more, so your status will increase several times, if you wear high-quality leather shoes. Black color will emphasize the character and the fur lining will protect from freezing temperatures. Also, you will not have to spend time on the laces are decorative. Seriously, the shoes are so good that it is better to wear them only on special occasions. Marauders for such a product will kill you if will not close allies.

2. Casual


In the days of the post-Apocalypse people only have that to survive. Such times can not do without small celebrations, like a modest New year with the one found in the garbage an artificial tree. The ideal option for footwear will be that combines the beauty and «fun», which is expressed in a bright color and additional detail. These boots were able to fit both: sly edging a La «cowboy» that goes into the patterns on the toe and a light brown color that always looks fun. Here is the lining of the villi is very warm and durable material. Perfect for dancing around the fire and in the pantry of under country music.

3. Smart-casual


Nuclear winter does not always involve a thick layer of ash and a high probability that your survivors village will be located not in the middle of the forest, and in a secret bunker. I do not walk there in shoes with thick soles, so you should take care of the «summer» version.

Upper layer data became ankle boots split leather is incredibly high-quality genuine leather. The ancient Hebrews wrote in her prayers and then hung on the door of the house, so be sure — «kosher». In addition, on the sole there are patterns that might make you wonder: can this Shoe really has a special purpose?

4. Military


Quiet days after Armageddon, there will undoubtedly be rare. Beforehand take care of such shoes, which will be able to withstand long trips and show your belligerence. Frankly, these shoes fit a true leader who values his reputation and doesn’t dress in horrible. Black leather and brown sole — perfect balance required to maintain this reputation. Warm on the inside, the outside of these shoes can be not only protection from the cold, but also weapons, their intricate mark on the face next the Marauder will surely become your calling card.

5. Sports


Do not give up their habits, even if the world has gone mad. Moreover, in the wild days of nuclear winter is even harder to maintain his physical condition to fight back if attacked, an enemy of the pack. These shoes will be a great option for the urban jungle and dangerous trails through the woods and fields. They are convenient to run because they are light, and the interior of the villi will become a pleasant mild bonus when playing sports. Good ergonomics and nice design — should we think about?

Anyway, without a good Shoe for you in any case can not do. If «bombanet» better to be prepared than to deal with a suspicious huckster his torn sneakers on something more worthy.

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