5 of the worst travel companions

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All we’re ever going big (or not) company, a couple or alone somewhere to relax. Strangely enough, many people like most about it is the trip itself, not the final destination. This is explained quite simply: you are moving, the glass is rapidly sweeping interesting or not so designated, it is possible to stay at some eraline on the road and eat stuff, and in columns plays good music, which adds pleasant impressions from the trip.

But there are people with whom every trip turns into crap. You will certainly learn these people some of his friend. Just say that avoiding them is extremely difficult.

1. People with very bad stomach

Oh, man, these guys will be a real pain in the ass in the long bus ride with strangers, and on a trip with the company. You never know who of your friends have problems with motion sickness until they try to go on the road. They also don’t recognize it, and your trip will turn into hell and decently stretched in time, especially if none of you will take some medication against motion sickness. Take care of it and don’t be shy to offer tablets to other people — save your time.

2. Paranoids and cowards

In this case it will be about the trip with friends. So, never take paranoid. Let’s say you got lost, took a wrong turn, it was dark and scary, and what really is not clear: whether for a night to stay somewhere then try to get on the road. And around dark, unfamiliar forest or the village, some people are dumb go and look in the window of the car unfriendly. And then there’s this beast you’re starting to wag your nerves that recalls all sorts of horror stories about maniacs and the gang of robbers who attacked the drivers and brutally killed them. So, no need to take with you paranoid, because the chance that you calmly pulled out on a Federal highway or you will find the bed will tend to zero.

3. People with small bladders or diseased kidneys

The same as in the first paragraph. These guys’ll ruin the mood, every half hour convincing the driver to stop near a tree. But it’s nothing these guys have just fucking aesthetes, who can’t suck in the open field, and they definitely need a heated toilet. When you consider the fact that in Russia, McDonald’s is not everywhere, it is more a pain in the ass. If you go on a trip with friends, definitely — not take!

4. Fat

Now gone rather unpleasant fashion to protect fat people, they say, deep down they are gentle and lovely and you need to be yourself. People who have decent a weight problem, others take a lot of trouble especially when they are in the same car (or bus) from your company. These guys are due to problems with the intestines generate unpleasant odors of all kinds: pot, hydrogen sulfide and other nasty things. Shortness of breath is also a constant companion of these people, and yet they are constantly hot. So if you want to ride without problems, our advice to you: leave these guys at home, they may be good guys but not worth it. Leave them with our tips.

5. Complain

These guys deserve to be in first place at any sociable trip. Worse than they are really nobody, they are a real quintessence of assholes. These guys constantly draw attention to themselves, whine and cling. These guys would complain that drinking water is very warm, the air conditioning is too bad, that your sandwiches taste good that the waiter at a roadside cafe some asshole, and milk in coffee the wrong company. And good girls there. This bro will make your stay in hell, the better, by God, to bring a dozen fat cowards with problem stomachs and bladders than one such fool. Leave him home and lock well so he died of hunger! Wow!

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