5 of the strangest robberies in history

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Thieves — people are unique. Some sing,some as something not very much: people want to praise a dude that robbed you? But today we will tell you about a very strange thieves, who make very strange crimes. Get ready to be surprised, friend!

1. 16500 boxes with tainted tampons

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In 2011, the truck with the boxes of defective women’s products moved to Oklahoma, where there was a huge incinerator. A group of thieves thought, «Yeah, that’s what we dreamed about all my life, it’s the Heist of the century!» So imagine them sitting at the table, risky plans and discuss the size of the share.

The robbery went off without a hitch, probably because no one thought the van guard. First, the van stopped a dude in a mask and a black turtleneck who ran out into the oncoming lane right up to the van. The guys quickly drove another van, at gunpoint, took the box and dumped at the crime scene. So what happened with thousands of boxes of tampons? You guys sold them in retail stores. Hmm, apparently the sellers they believe that buying feminine hygiene supplies van with no Windows and markings in harsh tattooed dudes — it’s business as usual. By the way, tampons turned out to be bacteria with a high content of heavy metals and other contaminants. Field investigators managed to detect 7500 boxes of tampons, but the robbers catch and failed.

2. Gold vibrator

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The rich have their quirks. For example, sex shops high class. One of these was robbed in June last year. It was called, by the way, Erotika Luxo. The attacker broke into the store and threatened the clerk, who was at that moment in the hall, the weapon, has demanded from the shelf… um… a Golden vibrator. When dude got the desired result, he quickly left the room. By the way, devasena was positioned as a piece of 18K gold. In fact, according to the shop owner, is a disc of stainless steel, covered with a layer of gold. The cost of 4 thousand dollars. Don’t know the guy kidnapped her for sale or for their own needs. But it should be noted that a special charger for it, he still grabbed.

3. Millions of gallons of maple syrup

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Strategic maple syrup reserve. Seriously, Canadians have a strategic maple syrup reserve! Last year, this stock was stolen in the best traditions of «11 friends of Oushena». Dudes got a job at a warehouse, a long prepared plan, and then slowly replaced the barrels of syrup to the same water barrels. Within a few months. Theft of maple syrup caused a sharp increase in the price of this product. And on the black market (yeah, dude, they have a black market of maple syrup) it is possible to get a lot of money. The value of the stolen syrup is estimated at $ 18 million.

4. 10000 manholes

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Last year Britain was shocked by the series of thefts of manholes across the country. The same nonsense happened in America. Across the country, a wave of thefts of hatches. Why do they need them? For scrap. The fact that in these countries a large number of covers received for processing, raises questions: can planned. But some hatches have been reported on the items… with chunks of concrete and asphalt: they literally cut and tore out of the ground to sell.

People are dying for the metal.

5. 80,000 pounds of walnuts

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At the end of last year (what year?) there was even more amusing than all the above. A truck loaded with 40,000 pounds of walnuts, headed to Miami. And disappeared. Then drove the truck to Texas again loaded with 40 thousand pounds of nuts. He, too, disappeared. As it turned out, the trucks were last seen in California. The fact that dudes basement the guy who said that should keep nuts in their place. The nuts were moved to another truck, drivers were shown the invoice, and the thief was like that.

Of course, this mafia chipmunks. By our standards it is about 40 thousand pounds of nuts. Or forty tons.

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