5 of the sexiest parts of the car

For many years, some designers did really strange things, mocking and altering traits makes and models of famous cars. Don’t believe? Five incredibly obvious examples will help to verify this, and that you’re worried.

1. Caps

manygoodtips.com_7.09.2015_LDHfgR5wZpB0qIn the United States «domes» is slang, vulgar word which means Boobs. And in some States, we are told, for this may even impose a fine (if you describe a girl). However, there are many people that put on their car hoods in the shape of the breast. Although for many it will seem just retrofit style.

2. Handbrake

manygoodtips.com_7.09.2015_bSAeBQ9zWtcf7I bet you’re expecting some kind of phallic joke in the spirit of Freud. However, the way it is. The hand brake is a bit of a dick, but no wonder when we sit in the car.

3. Bumper 50’s

manygoodtips.com_7.09.2015_nK7u8JZo2a3myIn the 50’s all of America was fixated on two things: the Communist threat and giant Tits. See a gallery of old Caddilacs, features a number of bumpers that are named after the American actress Dagmar. The actress was known for wearing a pronounced cleavage, which as you know, raised its rating to heights. Now nobody knows, but her Boobs immortalized in the bumpers of the Caddy.

4. Nissan ZEOD RC

Work.com.ua_7.09.2015_pWXGrb4quLtmYRacing car built concept cars DeltaWing. Narrow front and wide rear – this form is due to aerodynamic reasons. Although, maybe the Creator of this design are simply too often went to gay bars of the city.

5. The Edsel Grille

manygoodtips.com_7.09.2015_YE16OkBts67zlThe biggest machine, which is known for its big failure in the automotive market of the United States. On the causes of the collapse of the company, you can write a whole book, too many of them were, and we, the people, far from the engineering component of the automotive world, only interested in her «front» that in the 50’s was called not differently, as «vagina». A story about the consequences of sexual repression, if you’re a car designer.

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