5 of the most immortal men that have ever walked this earth

«In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes» — he said at the time Ben Franklin. But life has shown that it’s all a game. Even death is possible with a light heart to send to hell. You do not doubt, here’s five stories about the five brave men who all his life blatantly avoiding death, creating the most reckless acts. And most surprisingly, they managed to live their lives with dignity, famous for many years and leaving a fierce dislike to the person at the woman with a scythe.

Peter Freuchen — man, open a path to freedom shit

The Danish Arctic Explorer Peter Freuchen differed so strict appearance that resembled the love child of the tin man and the grizzly bear, eats only raw whales and polar bears than to an educated researcher, writer, and scientist. Even the great Thor Heyerdahl, he is not low growth, was impressed by his figures. But this hero never used his power for evil. He was known as an extremely kind and sympathetic person, which always comes to the aid of the weak.

In 1906, at the age of 20 years, Freshen dropped out of medical school and went to explore Greenland by dog sled. There he met his first wife, an eskimo named Navarana Makapasok. She bore her husband a son Okusaka Avatara of Himantandraceae and daughter Pipaluk Get Tukuringra Kasalak palika Hager. As you can see, even the alphabet was afraid Fragen.

Once having been in Greenland, Freuchen could not live without this world’s largest island. He returned there in 1910, and for a long time linked their lives with indigenous people, the Inuit. Together with another polar Explorer, Knud Rasmussen, Freuchen founded Tula. And now, one of frosty Greenland days, a terrible storm attacked Reihana and buried him alive beneath the cold snow. Cut off from civilization without tools, he went on a radical course for which the rubric of «Crazy hands» would be willing to give all their products from plastic bottles.

Before the advent of «Green elephant», Freuchen did to your stool something strange, namely: provided the turd the shape of a chisel, waited for it to freeze, and began to wield like an axe. It seems absurd, but try it yourself to poop in the dead of winter — an act that in itself is worthy of respect.

Unfortunately, govorunova is a pretty exhausting job, and by the time of Freshen crawled back to the camp, his leg was permanently frostbitten. That’s not to say that explorers are the most repulsed and courageous people on the planet. Peter took — and without the slightest fear and doubt, without anesthesia, amputated her leg. Fortunately, he did not use gotnosoul.

But even the amputation did not stop him. He continued to explore the North, live in inhuman conditions. Even failing health did not lessen his enthusiasm.In 1926, when forty years of Freuchen lost his leg, his biography was already so rich in experiences and adventures that would suffice for several lives. But he insisted: in 1928 and 1937, he participated in two Soviet expeditions, which had been primed in the Siberian Arctic. He had a strong friendship with academician Otto Yulyevich Schmidt and, unaware of the repression and the Gulag, he considered the Soviet system the best in the world. Pile up he went to the African Savannah and also toured South and North America.

During the Second world war he was one of the few Danes who openly resisted the Nazis and despised them. Peter openly stated that he is a Jew, no matter where it was, he had only to hear some anti-Semitic statement. For a long time he participated in the resistance until he was captured by the Nazis and sentenced to death. But the courageous polar Explorer managed to escape from captivity. So if nature itself was unable to destroy it, then what about the Germans?

Died famous traveler in September 1957 of a heart attack at the airport of Elmendorf in Alaska when I was getting ready to fly to Greenland. But people to the last moment doubted that this epoch-making lump all the death.

Jack Lucas: jumped on a grenade and tried skydiving before it became mainstream

14-year-old jacklyn «Jack» Lucas was a very large boy for his age. But instead of wasting your God’s gift, becoming a basketball star, wrestling or Boxing, drinking beer with friends and working after finishing his sports career with a simple traveling salesman, he went to the recruiting station as a volunteer, where he expressed a desire to become a marine. The man weighed 82 pounds, so the officers simply believed that Jack had already turned 17.

After passing the «school» Jack was sent to the famous pearl Harbor. But apparently, his first gunshot wound Jack received at birth, otherwise difficult to explain such a desire to get into the thick of the fighting from the 14-year-old boy. Without thinking, he went on the offense — left the location of his landing battalion and was declared a deserter. But in wartime, deserters long was busy, so it was a huge risk.

It is unknown what would have made the guy a military court if he knew that he not only voluntarily left the location of parts, may and voluntarily went to the front, but visible minority. Probably just went home, and probably would have done the tougher. But instead he was cleared of all charges and appointed a hero. And here’s what it was.

Lucas was hiding on Board the USS Deuel, which was carrying Marines to Japan. During the battle of Iwo Jima in the trench to the Americans mercilessly rained down grenades. One of them came to Lucas and several of his comrades. Jack, without thinking, jumped on them, covering the pieces. After a deafening explosion, no one could not think that Lucas is still alive. However, having received many wounds, Jack finally got out, received the highest military award of the United States — the medal of honor, graduated from the University and, of course, returned to the army. But this time in landing troops, and then only for therapeutic purposes — Jack had hoped to get rid of fear of heights.

However, one such procedure (the jump) nearly ended in tears. But if the old soldier was not killed by grenade, two unopened parachutes it is not exactly to kill. How he managed to survive by jumping from this height — a big mystery.

Sam Houston — the man did not stop no bullet or arrow in eggs

manygoodtips.com_10.11.2016_4LT54vGnH9MEaIn 1809, Sam Houston ran away from his home in Virginia at the age of 16 years. Soon he joined the Cherokee nation, which, apparently, taught him to use every millimeter of your foot to give a good kick of life itself.

In 1812, when Europe fought with Napoleon, the Americans fought the British for their independence. And as the Indians at that time still consisted of a considerable force, the tribes had to participate in this fight. Some of them supported the British, the Americans. With Pro-British tribe of the cries had to meet 19-year-old Sam in the battle of Horseshoe bend.

Houston saw a few shooters successfully shoot the Americans, and their support of the Cherokee and Choctaw, and tried to reach them to slaughter like pigs. But for his bravery the boy was awarded the arrow, which hit right in the groin. Of all the places the arrow chose the most intimate! But Sam was confused and asked a soldier standing nearby to remove the wretched girl of tender places. It was suggested to Houston to take him to a field hospital to such a delicate task engaged a doctor, not a farmer’s son, but the excited Sam pointed at him with his blade and said good-natured fellow, where he will sink the tip if he will not help him.

For his bravery, Sam was awarded three wounds that left mighty guy lying on the field. It would seem that this is the end, but there it was, she was bleeding, worn-out soldiers still breathing. He was not killed even way 60 km to the nearest fortress.

Perhaps we should say, who was this dashing man. And he was the first President of Texas freedom and with that he wrested the independence in Mexico, defeating numerically superior armies of the Mexicans and managed to take the President of Mexico, captured.But the most interesting case occurred on 13 April 1832. Houston had a fight with the Congressman from Ohio William Stanbery. He accused Houston of fraud in the Cherokee nation when he was Governor of Tennessee (he in this position was different), resulting in a large armed conflict. For Houston it was an insult to the honor, because in fact he was accused of betrayal of the people, who once gave him food and shelter.

By smearing habits Gopnik, Houston, Stanbery waited in the dark streets of Washington and beat the shit out of a damn Congressman. But the times were dashing, and after another attempt with the gaff Houston felt that his chest rests on the muzzle of the gun, which at that time were able to carry in all States without a permit. But fate was very fond of the man, survivors of the massacre at Horseshoe bend, and the gun misfired, and then the future President of Texas calmly finished the job, scoring the enemy to death. In the hands of man, educated Indians, even the cane is a dangerous weapon.

From prison he was saved by bond, but he refused to pay established by the court of $ 500 and went to the presidency.

Tibor Rubin: the prisoner as a home

Paradis.com.ua_10.11.2016_u6LKPK8TGr8ENTibor Rubin was born in a poor Jewish family in Hungary to the most turned out to be inopportune moment in the history of the country. At the age of 15 years old he was sent to the notorious Mauthausen concentration camp, where the captain of the SS arrived immediately warned that no one not getting out of here alive. Rubin were strongly disagree with the captain, and for several years proved that he was wrong. Unfortunately, another 150 thousands of prisoners of Mauthausen, and families ruby, failed to support it.

When American troops liberated Mauthausen, Rubin promised to show their gratitude to the country that released him. He went as a volunteer in the Korean war, where he showed his desperate warrior. The man who is accustomed every day to look death in the face, was not afraid of bullets and explosions. He alone during the day, and held back the advance of Korean soldiers to be given the opportunity to withdraw his regiment. You decide what it is — luck or fate, but Rubin was clearly lucky, because the three gunmen that was standing behind the gun to him, found a Korean bullet, and Rubin lasted the whole day. Calm down its only the Chinese soldiers who captured him right after all ran out of ammo.

Admiring his bravery, the soldiers asked him to return home, to Hungary, which by that time had become a socialist. Soviet diplomats helped the North Koreans and the Chinese, wanted to make such a broad gesture, another show, he reveals himself to liberating the unfortunate mercenary. But Rubin could not forgive his homeland fascist order, pogroms, maimed and tortured childhood family, preferring to stay in Asian captivity. To the conclusion he was not used to because 2 years in captivity were not for him such anguish. Besides, Rubin managed under cover of night to steal food and medicines for the inmates.

Unfortunately, Sergeant ruby did not honored with medals for heroism and military achievement. And in 2005 George W. Bush retroactively awarded him the long-deserved reward. A strange man who even made Bush look good.

Brian Blessed — the person who obeys the will of nature

Poradi.s.ua_10.11.2016_t5VLmado3gq2aBrian Blessed from the cohort of famous actors, which can not be remembered by name and occasionally forget that they exist, but if you see this in some movie, we immediately think: yeah, it’s Prince Valtan with «Flash Gordon» or just a man with a Royal appearance, which plays a secondary role.

Besides cinema, Blessid distinguished himself as a conqueror of the mountain peaks. At the age of 67 he became the oldest man to reach the height of 8534 meters without supplementary oxygen. I must say that not every young person is able to withstand ultrabattery air on the top of the mountain, and the hardship of climbing only add to the problems and difficulties.

It was not his first attempt to conquer the highest point of the world — before it interfered with things that are not dependent on him: inexperienced team, inhospitable weather, too luxurious beard. But he warmed up to such peaks as Aconcagua and Kilimanjaro, at an age when most people hardly move up the stairs. He also became the oldest person to have ever reached the North magnetic pole. And to him he walked, overcoming permafrost, wild weather and strange winking polar bears.

Soon, the bears chose to turn away, if passed Blessed. And all after the event, when one night, the bear stuck his snout into the tent to Brian and received from the famous actor, unhappy that his sleep was interrupted, swung on the nose.In fact, how could a cute animal polar scare a man who survived a plane crash in the remote jungles of Venezuela? Even heart problems are not able to stop him. Once, when he played on the stage of king Lear, he had a heart attack. The actor dropped dead, but after a moment, the heart to work as if nothing had happened, then he got up and in a semi-comatose state finished the play.

At the time of this writing, Brian turned 80, and he is still alive and fresh. Wildlife at the sight of his beard and takes off his hat and show respect, and the Mariana trench is anxiously waiting for the moment when he would come in her bowels.

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