5 myths that you are taking for the truth

manygoodtips.com_8.10.2014_tTjjMGZRcZBWMYou, like many others, used to justify their actions with some sayings or Proverbs, which at all on hearing: — Andrei, you th are still sitting at home and wipe his pants? — Work is not a wolf in the forest will not escape. But most often it is not even sayings, just different, unsubstantiated opinion.

Just about the same time we want to talk about. You can not take for truth everything you are told! You’re a grown man, and continue to believe in the independence of our country, despite the fact that the ruble depreciates. You know? We’re saying that it is not necessary to accept everything at face value.

So, the most common myths you believe:

1. «If you continue to do what you did before, you’ll get what you always got»

Alas, but it’s not. And there is reasonable cause. We provide you large-scale examples of this error. Remember BlackBerry: entered the market of smart phones as one of the most powerful companies and received a share that is 55.3%, continued to do what was done before, and its percentage decreased to 0.6%. Kodak continued to do what he did in the formation of his Empire, and eventually declared bankruptcy. Dinosaurs continued to do what he did, and eventually died out.

We can even remind you the history of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which was recently described. She refused to modernize, and as a result, the company has absorbed. You can’t keep doing the same thing — it’s like running on the spot: you’re not moving anywhere, but only create the illusion of motion.

2. «You have to work as much as work (the name of a very successful businessman)»

In fact it is not. Maybe when successful businessmen were simple and normal guys, they worked alone, but now, for example, bill gates, founder of Microsoft, has more than 90,000 employees. Multiply this number by about 8 hours (exclude workaholics who work on weekends and 500 heads, which are known to work more than 80 hours per week). In the end bill gates should run 720 000 extra hours in the day!

So it correct to say: you should have as many people as bill has to work for the same power.

3. «Open your own business means being your own boss»

All the way around. Now you’re even more addicted, and now you have even more responsibilities. Becoming the boss, you will not be able to do at work all you want. You will not have time for idleness.

Now your boss is a customer: you’ve created your calendar, in accordance with its schedule, and want to make sure that he’s happy. So, now this guy depends on your business. And you have to work hard to get its location.

4. «Good things come to those who wait»

Patience is a good thing. It is a great virtue, but good things come to those who accept at least some measures. You never get anywhere without action. Do not listen to those who say that simply «something very much want.»

A homeless person also very much wants prosperity, but the best he gets is a shot of vodka. So don’t hope for the case. This is all nonsense and a provocation.

5. «Error will lead you to success»

Yeah. «All that is done, all the best.» And even your bankruptcy is a step to even greater wealth. So. Come on! You don’t believe in this nonsense? From the made mistake in your life something will become worse. So, maybe then will be better, but now you feel bad, and this is not good.

Man is a creature that invents a myth, and then adjusting the world under the dimension of this myth.We know that you’re still going to rely on these cliches. It’s so convenient to hide behind the catch phrase in case of failure! But just know that this is actually a myth, and cannot be taken seriously. So try to answer for your actions and their consequences.

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