5 myths about twenty years, which is not true


You must know the truth: we’re not 150 years old, and we don’t live at the top of the mountain, where contact with the space to answer all your questions. We are ordinary people — some of us are not even thirty, so their own problems, the problems 20-year-old we care about the same as you. For example, when we were 18, we have formed such a picture of life in the next decade: parties, sex, independence, strength and youth.

We were told: «we Must try, must try! What you’re how old? You twenty years!». The word «necessary» will haunt you for all these years, only thirty of you, may fall behind. But it is possible to avoid it, to stop living by the wayside and be self-reliant and independent as possible — to live outside the age. For this, first of all, you should be familiar with the myths of twenty years, which are taking place in our society.

1. You can’t go to some bars, because it is too old

What? You’re too old to continue to celebrate his young life?

Let’s put you before the fact. Certain bars attract certain customers. There are those that attract only those who have just entered adulthood. There are those that are designed for thirty years. There are the happening places and there are places to get drunk and fall under the table. One way or another, is of great importance that you estimate the bar, and how it evaluates your environment. In reality, the bar is just a bar. The age difference does not necessarily show the level of maturity. So, if you want to continue the party, just don’t go with her.

2. If you still live with your parents, then you’re a loser


We said we will talk about that in twenty years you better move out of their parents. But we won’t call you a loser if you did not get to do it. Understand that in Russia, the financial reality is that only a small percentage of the young population manages to break free and live independently. Often we encounter people who had attempted, but has put himself in a more serious financial slavery. They can’t pay the debts for the apartment, always take a couple of years and realize that it was better to wait with the move. That is, if you have the opportunity to move out from their parents at that age, then go ahead — we’re proud of you. If not, give yourself the opportunity to be realized professionally, to earn money and provide yourself a financial cushion, and only then go into the world of independent living.

3. If you don’t do this, then don’t do it ever

We are all convinced that the world gives you maximum capacity in twenty years. It’s really the age when you start to understand something, being fairly young at the limit of their intellectual and physical capabilities. It’s time to take your «maturity». But if you fail to «capture the world» in your twenty, that is not a reason to be alarmed — it’s only the beginning. We shouldn’t have to convince myself that twenty is a frontier beyond which you do not expect anything good.

We were led to believe that if we fail now, then the future of a carefree can not even dream of.

But if you take the experience of people who have really achieved great heights in their craft, many of them, with the exception of athletes (here for the specifics), did it in a fairly Mature age. No need accumulate despair, if you see that the years go by, and you’re treading water. You still have time, and you can achieve anything you wish. Age does not matter. It can serve as a cover for those who do not want to try, to gnaw the granite teeth and pull on their backs large stones of which the house will be built on your success. So enough to refer to age — you can still surprise yourself and the world.

4. You have to make it to 30 years


Everyone feels some obligation to society, parents and even friends, which is tied to age. For example, parents telling you: «You must find a wife now, not thirty!» But this is complete nonsense. Perhaps a little crippled young marriages have you seen in your life? Is it possible to marry in a time when you don’t even know how to assess a person?

The same applies to children and the choice of destination. The fact that everyone keeps in mind his own truth and his own history, which cannot be interpreted in the context of the age. Life happens while you make plans. And the moral of the story is that you need to allow the flow of life to carry away your destiny. Stop planning marriage, children and the amount of accumulated funds until next year — this is useful if you are deprived of all understanding of beauty, but you want to live not just good, but happily, right?

However, some interesting things we suggest you do to 30.

5. You have to have sex with lots of girls

No, don’t get us wrong: sex is good, pleasant and useful for health. It is unlikely that you will meet in life that sex is disgusting, and if they meet, you might think about that in the distant past it just «hurt». But besides sex there are a hundred thousand other things that can cause euphoria-joy of scientific discoveries, impossible beauty, the picture, explosion of adrenaline when you jump with a parachute.

Sex is only one possibility, though not the most refined, get pleasure from life. You say that in 20 years, you must fuck like a rabbit, and if you see the sense in it, then good luck — use condoms only, we have an epidemic. But there is no sense to create lists of their achievements bed, which is so proud of miserable peasants, who far forty — squandered life, have sex, but nothing worthwhile is left.