5 myths about the ambulance

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Every person possesses the minimum required knowledge to treat any injuries, illnesses, and other things that encounter in their lives. Usually the knowledge obtained from traditional sources, and, as we know, traditional ways of treating diseases sometimes include dubious methods in the spirit of leeches and bloodletting. Today we will tell you about some of the most famous myths about first aid under normal health problems, which should be everyone, but who does not work in life.

1. Don’t tilt your head back when you have a nosebleed

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Then you broke your nose, you’re too actively it was picked, you still have the problem. You instinctively throw your head back, so as not to stain your shirt, because the blood on the clothes looks decent only when it’s fresh. But it really is absolutely useless to stop the bleeding. The blood will flow you right in the throat. In normal cases, when you overdo it with your picking, the blood will stop after a couple of minutes, and you will have the feeling that the way you win. But if it is serious bleeding, the blood flow rushes you right in the throat, you’ll have to swallow a salty and unpleasant taste will quickly make you vomit (if you’re not a vampire) that will not expose you as a hero.

So what to do? To stop the bleeding you need this: sit down, hold your nose quite strongly, lean forward a bit to swallow the blood in the near future. So your clothes won’t look like the finale of «Django unchained».

2. In case of poisoning don’t cause vomiting

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Let’s say that you or your friend has eaten something unintelligible. Or even dangerous, for example, abrazivny liquid. In short, it is necessary to save a life. Some poisons are acidic or alkaline in nature, so the stomach is able to cope with them, but the throat — no. Then what to do? Do not panic and call the ambulance, one reason: you don’t know what the poison is and what to do with him, after all, for every poison there are different ways of treatment, no single. Call an ambulance, look for one holding his head so that he choked on vomit. If you know that he drank, pass the ambulance and the bubble too.

3. A cold shower helps sober up

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We were all young once (and many still remain). We drank so remember it with horror, we have no idea how we ever could drink. After another unpleasant morning, we promise never to do it, but it was repeated again and again. Every morning before work or in pairs we stood under the shower and hoped that it would help. It’s just not working!

The fact that the cold contrast shower makes it worse, because alcohol is already severely slows down human activity, and you’re even stronger lower the surface temperature of the human body, badly disorienting him. To lose consciousness in this matter is simple. What to do? There are lots of great ways to sober up: strong tea, coffee, scrambled egg, a good slap in the face — use them.

4. Don’t try to process cold water to the burn

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Have you ever grabbed a hot pan without thinking? Of course, instinct tells you to run your hand to the ice, but it is quite… bad. It’s the same thing as trying to stitch a wound with a nail gun — just more damage. The researchers conducted on rats here is such an experience: they were annealed and then treated their wounds with ice. Wounds treated with ice, heal worse than wounds that are not treated. The reason is simple: the burn with ice burn. Save relatively warm water, anti-burn based on lean and gauze bandage on top so that it doesn’t get infected.

5. Don’t pee on a jellyfish burn

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Many people know that jellyfish burn, and it hurts. There is a strange popular way of dealing with their burns to urinate on them. The Americans learned this the stupid way, from the TV series «Friends,» so, dude, he’s dangerous. Jellyfish burn with stinging cells — is a specific weapon of Hydra, jellyfish, and other similar guys. These cells begin their action after the fact, when confronted with fresh water. But the human body is composed of this water. You urinate on top of them, and your urine also consists of fresh water, the urine gets in the wound and causes the effect that can be compared, perhaps, only by the action of sulfuric acid on your wound.

So what to do? Get rid of stinging cells, shower to the wound with salt water — it will kill them. Rewind should go to rest.

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