5 myths about introverts

For the sake of.com.ua_18.07.2014_tm6u1dV9rbgSMDue to a number of natural features of the introverts, their behavior, and his motives are still extroverts unclear.

Each new conflict gives rise to a new perception of the world myth about introverts. Thus formed is a twisted image of the introvert. In the eyes of the jealous supporters of such truths, introvert appears as aggressive, frustrerande and socially awkward loser. But we in manygoodtips.com know that all is not so simple.

1. Introverts — shy

Introversion and extroversion are ways of energy management, and not an indication of the level of socialization of the individual or the degree of confidence.

Introverts accumulate energy when alone, and spend it communicating with people. Therefore privacy is vitally necessary for the introvert, this is his way to recover. He sits Friday night home alone because he wants it so bad, he decided.

Shyness is born out of fear, self-doubt. A shy person spends time in solitude, not because he likes it, but because it is afraid of social interaction.

2. Introverts don’t need company

An introvert will definitely give your sofa, the cat and the book a noisy party. However, this does not mean that he does not want to communicate with anybody and never. Unlike extroverts introverts are more selective approach to the formation of the circle. They feel comfortable talking with someone face-to-face, they love to spend time in the company of 2-3 people. And they are quite able to get the pleasure of communicating in this format.

3. Introverts are unfriendly

If your friend prefers to keep the distance in communication, it does not mean he secretly hates you. He just needs more time to get used to a man, to trust him, he reveals in dealing only with a narrow circle of «elite», with all the rest of it will be reserved and seemingly cold.

4. Introverts are indifferent

They are not soulless psychopaths, as it may seem at first glance. As mentioned above, introverts are able to appear only in the society of loved ones, in public they will be the last to hide their feelings.

5. Introverts are weirdos

Introverts — individualists, they don’t follow the crowd, they are often completely indifferent to the majority opinion. Introverts wanted to sneeze on social norms. An introvert will abide by the rules, only if he deems them reasonable.

In short, introverts tend to produce the impression of a strange people, however, this does not work «on the way». They just always think with your head.

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