5 myths about drugs that are all somehow believe

myths about drugs

As a child you probably heard a lot of «facts» about drugs from many different sources. Even your parents told you that a single joint can put you on a slippery slope, and you will be thin, upright, suffering in agony from the unbearable withdrawal. Or you could say that from one hit you will receive different types of cancer. Immediately, quickly, decisively. So, there are many different views, many of which are blatant nonsense.

1. LSD is crazy



Should you seven times to trip out, man, on acid — and you’re clinically insane. Now you just have to hide in a psychiatric hospital where you are until the end of his days will remain in a straitjacket in the company of other Durikov. If you’re lucky, you’ll just start to think that all the laws of physics do not apply to you, and will simply kill themselves trying to jump from roof to roof or jump.


The first problem with this myth is that «crazy» is not a medical term. Yes, sometimes people who use drugs do occur physical changes in the brain (of course, the TV will show for a few months, strongly discussing various aspects of the phenomenon). Besides, not medically proven that there is a special kind of mental illness is based on only one drug use.

The second problem with this myth is that LSD cannot make you insane. In the 1960 study, LSD was given to 2,000 people, half of whom were less healthy mentally or genetically prone to mental illness. Only 0.13% of the study demonstrated pathological behavior, and almost all of them were already pre-inclined to «madness». Scientists hypothesized that LSD is not the cause of psychosis, but only aggravates it. This means that if people already prone to mental illness, it may only exacerbate the illness. And even so, all these stories about thrown off the roof of dudes stoned for the most part — fiction.

Not adequately reflect the world through the fault of LSD will only those who are already prone to mental difficulties. However, even drug psychosis is not that clinical «madness», as it is prone to determine. This is a temporary phenomenon, which occurs either when the dude is under the influence of drugs, or during abstinence. The symptoms of such psychosis are hallucinations of all sorts. Some more drugs, this time legal, has a similar effect? Guess, come on.

Right, alcohol! Though it causes psychotic behavior much more often than LSD. Studies that were carried out in 2007, 160 000 subjects, found that alcoholic psychosis is found more often than cirrhosis of the liver. That is, in fact alcohol can be in some sense even more dangerous. A terrible thing, man.

2. Herbal drugs are less harmful

herbal drugs


That’s what your friends are telling you-cold sweat: «don’t believe those who say that all drugs are dangerous! Grass and mushrooms grow from the earth, she gives them to us! Much better when the body is something natural is much healthier than the chemicals from factories». Well, Yes. Yeah.


Let’s start with the obvious things. «Natural» is a relative term, does not affect the risk to life and benefit to the body. For example, the opium derived from the poppy, is a highly addictive and can even kill you in case of overdose. Mac is not worse than marijuana is the same plant, right?


Pay attention to kartinochku. Substance left at the bottom of the most safe, and those that are above and to the right more dangerous. Please note: this natural friend, marijuana is much more dangerous than LSD, synthesized in laboratories, and the dependency is stronger. And Yes, look at alcohol, wormed his way into the company of cocaine and morphine. How do you like that?


And here’s another chart. It presents the results of the research of a scientist named David Nutt, who has been researching the dangers of drugs to the human body. In the bottom of the list hippenstiel mushrooms, far removed ecstasy and acid from the lab. But tobacco, alcohol and even cannabis are much higher. Sorry, against the facts do not trample.

Do you understand what I mean? If natural drug, it does not mean that it is safer for you. Sometimes even Vice versa.

3. Angel dust makes cruel and yet incredibly strong

angel dust


In the movie «Terminator» when the cops saw a superstrong guy, they decided that he must be on angel dust. Besides, everyone knows that angel dust makes people ill, very strong and crazy. So the man under PCP can be a real nightmare for police, who crushes all around, breaks the handcuffs and do some mentally unstable Superman.


Studies show that pencillin (Yes, that’s a clever name angel dust) do not cause the abuse, if only people had not been subject to extraordinary brutality. In other words, if you’re not a latent sadist, pencillin will not make you so.

What to amazing physical strength, and her fenceline should not wait. It is true that it heightens your senses and causes intoxication. You may think that you became stronger, you will feel pain and may even decide that is made of iron. You might even visit like to check up, what happens if you jump out of the window. In this sense, any drug, even alcohol, may be considered in the same vein. So, under their influence people can be aggressive and behave inappropriately. Also news to me.

4. There are «kids crack»

children crack


If the mother uses crack cocaine while pregnant, the baby may be born with abnormalities in the brain. Growing up, the child becomes clumsy asshole who never fit in among his classmates. And if you believe this rumor, we anyway several times a day we meet these dudes, who probably have some kind of camouflage hats, so we missed them.


Most of the problems these children that they are born to term. So when a woman uses cocaine during pregnancy, it increases the chances of preterm birth, but studies have shown that «children of the crack cocaine» do not differ in intelligence from normal children. So, they may be distracted in the classroom, but so do all children.

Sorry, dude, but the reality is that tobacco Smoking is at least as harmful as Smoking crack, but alcohol is just the same and causes cognitive impairment, complex learning and behavior problems. What is really bad effects of Smoking crack during pregnancy is that the child will be more difficult to learn to speak.

So, sometimes Smoking crack cocaine may be the reason that children slowly learn to speak. On the other hand, alcohol is harming them even more, being a cause of serious congenital diseases.

No, we’re not saying you need or you can smoke crack during pregnancy. We say that its effect on the fetus different from our perceptions. Just want to overcome the myth. Smoking is not proposed.

5. The drug reduces the demand for them

the fight against drugs


If drug use so much as to solve this problem? Well, the first step is to make drugs illegal. Less people will consume them if it is illegal. Yes, of course. And if we begin to deal with drugs and tell them about the scary stories to children from an early age, to them they do not touch, and as a result we get a drug-free society.


Unfortunately, the effect is the opposite. Drug use is increasing, despite the fact that they are outside the law. Overdoses happen more often, arrests occur much more often than, say, 30 years ago. The war on drugs started a long time ago, but still have not seen much success.


The chart shows the trend in drug use. We here in the editorial make no claims and give no recommendations of the HPS valiant, just talking about a strange trend. It turns out that counter-nifiga does not help.

Tactics of intimidation does not work, it does not deter children from drug use, does not destroy their interest. Any programs not working. Such a strange story.

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