5 most well-known tips for healthy eating that don’t work


Healthy eating has become a kind of sickness of mankind in recent times. Or rather, not what disease, and OCD for some people. If ten years ago to see the man, desperately vchityvayas in marks on the food, was amazing, and now amazingly, when you choose something, not paying attention to information for the consumer.

Today we will tell you about the 5 most useless tips for a healthy diet, which many know, and many of them even are, but which do not work in practice.

1. Diet drinks without sugar


You know, what is this nonsense! Many people drink diet coke and eat sugar substitutes to reduce the level of consumption of fast carbs. Diet drinks contain no sugar but contain huge amounts of sugar substitutes. All sorts of sorbite and cyclamate harmful in and of themselves. Technologists work with them in a completely sealed clothing. And the link between consumption and appearance of cancer, by the way, proven. The lack of sweeteners in the fact that after prolonged use, your body begins to desperately stock up on sugar from other sources, and other carbohydrates. In addition, you will want to eat more. So if you want to lose weight, reduce the amount of consumption of sweets, but don’t rule him out completely: a fruit and a small piece of chocolate is vital in life. But not in the case when you’re working on terrain!


2. Sugar leads to diabetes


Many people believe sugar is white death. Of course, high blood sugar is a symptom of diabetes, but that is not why, it’s a symptom. The pancreas becomes very lazy — she can’t produce as much insulin as needed. People who eat a lot of sugar, eat a lot at all, and this means that they have a problem with being overweight. The load on the body means that there is a load on other organs, because they have to work. Even if you eat only healthy food, but a lot, really a lot, you have a chance to get diabetes. Therefore, it is necessary to know the measure.

3. You can’t eat at night


It is obvious that the number of excess calories in your body depends on the loads that you experienced throughout the day. But researchers from Israel believe that it is not. They have gained a large control group of police officers (probably because of the donuts) and divided it into two groups. The first was hardly fed during the day, but were fed very high-calorie dinner. The second group, the caloric content of such a meal were scattered on a day that is the same amount of carbohydrates, the second group ate throughout the day. Strange, but policemen from the first group could even lose weight. The reason is that the stomach during the day, collects a record concentration of the internal secret, which is needed for digestion. Therefore, the results in the evening food is not for the future, and is destroyed almost immediately.

Other studies speak in favor of a very hearty Breakfast. With the dessert. Reserve this dessert for the day will be spent on the case rather than the sides and belly. But the night still is not: bad for the stomach.

4. Smaller meals are healthier than full meals


«Metabolism» is the word that is most often found on the pages of various men’s publications. 98% it any pitching, which is just a health freak, consists of an endless mentions of the word «metabolism». The concept of metabolism in relation to the meals a bit stupid. The fact that the metabolism — the metabolism, just a series of different reactions that break down food and absorb it in the intestine, the synthesis and decomposition of various compounds. The idea that small meals are quickly digested, stupid-for calories. The fact is that when we eat 6-7 times a bit of food, 200 grams, we believe that it is not enough. But calorie counting tells us that, on the contrary, a lot. Because in those 200 grams may be food by 200-300 calories and meals, then 5-6-7 that is not enough.

People who lose weight by such methods, monitoring the calories, and frequent snacking and discourage their appetite, but you can get more simple methods to control your appetite and try to eat at certain times.

5. The food guide pyramid


A lot of people know about the food pyramid. It was developed in 1992 by the Ministry of agriculture of the USA, many times processed and gained the confidence that was in every school cafeteria and went directly from the state. In Russia she also has a crowd of admirers. The point is simple: in the base of the pyramid are those foods which can be consumed many times per day (wholemeal bread, cereals), the top of the pyramid products, the use of which is necessary to reduce (red meat, sugar). In parentheses indicate the number of consumption units of such nyamka a day.


But all this is not so. On the contrary, almost all wrong. The fact that the food pyramid is not confirmed by any research. It is built on the principle of «Fat is bad!» But it completely ignores the fact that red meat in the case of beef — a huge stock of protein and drinking milk is also a huge benefit. In the original version of the pyramid the potato was at the base, because the fat in it almost was not. But the potatoes have enough starch. And among enough of the good fats.

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