5 most relevant countries for tourism in 2017

If you haven’t figured out how to start 2017, so that you are immediately overcome by a feeling of pride and a sense of new life, then the best thing you can do is to go on a journey. Mountain climbing, beach holiday, exotic, and wildlife — what could be better than a vacation away from home, change of scenery and overcome the significant difficulties that can happen to you in the way? Given that travel has long ceased to be something inaccessible and hospitable country trying to do everything for their tourists, we decided to slightly lighten your life and offer some great tourist locations, which will be extremely popular in 2017 year. Bon voyage, kid!

1. Ethiopia

If you want to continue next year, Ethiopia is the country where this possibility is real, because something you’ll never see 13 months of sunshine. Besides the amazing cultural phenomenon in Ethiopia, you can meet lots of other national treasures such as language, cuisine, temples and, of course, coffee. Exotic as it is in conjunction with the wildlife that you will not find anywhere else, as well as a large number of activities — this is what makes Ethiopia one of the most popular countries for travel in the coming year. Climbing, Tigray, alloy boat on lake Tana, excursions to ancient monasteries and amazing landscapes. There really is something to see and enjoy, especially if the year was hard and bleak.

2. Nepal

For enthusiasts of mountain tourism and Hiking somewhere in the lap of nature Nepal is a great place to stay in the 2017th. You can kill several birds with one stone: explore the beautiful and rich cultural life of Nepal, visit Kathmandu, to see the many ancient temples and tourist locations, as well as to go to the Himalayas, regardless professional whether you’re a tourist or not. Professionals with ExtremeGuide know firsthand about the peculiarities of travel in Nepal and can show you not just one mountain trekking. Excursion planned for the holidays, so you will not get bored, but on the road you will see so many things that the memories will last for a year forward. Also, experts will be able to advise you on equipment, transportation and all details of the trip. Trips are accompanied by Russian-speaking guide, and so you don’t get lost. And as extra bonus for your courage in conquering the heights, you can still get a certificate which indicates your exploits.

3. Tanzania

Those who like wild nature and hot exotic Africa, can discover the journey to Tanzania — the center of tourism, recreation and, of course, a large hearth Safari parks. Here, in the company of experienced instructors who speak the language of the local people, you can climb Kilimanjaro and if you want to know the beauty of the island of Zanzibar, arranging a vacation like Hollywood stars at the hotel. If you prefer group travel, tour operator at Tanzania Safari» will help you to organize a tour of any complexity: as Zanzibar or on Safari, depending on the wishes. Also you have the opportunity to get on one of the individual tours in Tanzania, accompanied by the Director of the company.

4. Everest

The conquest of Everest began in the distant year 1953 and is still ongoing. Each year, more than 500 people from all over the world tend to rise to the top of the highest point in the world, but until 2014, the year 4042 climbers managed to reach the top. Its popularity altitude mountain climbing not to lose still, which makes mount Everest one of the most popular locations for 2017 year. Despite the fact that the conquest of Everest is not for the faint of heart, thanks to modern technology and experience of executives to climb the 8848 meter high mountain has become quite safe, especially from China.

If you want to check yourself for strength, to stand on the roof of the world, or just to pay tribute to the active lifestyle, the tour operators «Matalucci» will help you put it together correctly and have fun. The specialists of «Matalucci» well-versed on the ground, you know Everest at their fingertips and are well versed in local climate and traditions, which gives you the opportunity to get the full range of pleasure from the journey and the guarantee of safety.

5. Mongolia

In 2017, the year Mongolia will lift the veil of secrecy and begins to attract tourists from all over the world thanks to a completely modern airport, built in the capital, a number of art exhibitions that will delight the aesthetes, and other symbols of active modernization of the country. Ulaanbaatar, whose economic situation has improved markedly, now welcomes the tourists with tall buildings of steel and glass. By 2017, the year in Mongolia we completed the construction of the entertainment complex Shangri-La, the creation of which was invested about $ 500 million. Here you can relax in the hotel, visit IMAX and Hard Rock Café, and if you want to get out of an urban tale, in Mongolia many beautiful natural areas — for example, the Khövsgöl lake — the blue pearl of Asia. In other words, unexpected exotic with a mixture of modern Mongolia displays in the list of most desirable tourist spots in 2017.

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