5 mods that made us re-love the old games

Any game a short period of time. First play, drooling with delight, enjoying every moment of the game, and then not notice how all passed. The soul emptiness. To pass again do not want, and kind of silly. Then come to the aid of the game of fashion. Besides elimination of errors and deficiencies, some of them give new opportunities and experiences. We will not remember GTA San Andreas Multiplayer and Dota most of the games cohort, remember no less worthy.

Black Mesa

Mod-unfinished, over time, turned into a full game. The idea of the founders was ambitious — to make Half Life on the Source engine. 8 years the creators of fashion blood and sweat has created this miracle, which literally blew up the gaming community in 2012. It was a real salvation for those who heard about the coolness of Gordon Freeman, but was not able to play the original due to its age. But if mod came out a couple years earlier, it certainly produced a bombshell.

When the screen is beautiful, high-quality Half-Life without a new plot and additional missions, would appear on his cheeks the tears, and the rookies have an understanding of and respect for the legendary series. Save all that we love, and even in magic.

Third Age: Origins

Once a long time ago in the hands of the author of this article got the disc, which was adorned with crooked flooded with mod Lord of the Rings Total War, loudly and pathetically lowered his world of middle-earth on an antique map. In those days it looked just fine: orcs were orcs, elves — elves; only annoyed Minas Tirith, which had the same name (it was Carthage), and vnutryak messages and descriptions, which remained from the original.

After a while, after the release of the second part of wider strategy Medieval: Total War 2, was riveted stunning mod called Third Age, which strips the original bare and completely, without jambs, replace the game on the epic strategy based on the grandfather of JRR Tolkien. Army of enormous size, music, embed, help with descriptions of the surroundings and the scale is still a cause for envy and admiration. Moreover, this mod is living large and is still improving. So if you missed the world of middle-earth and want to steer non-pop States like Rune and Lake Kingdom, download, just.


Why people download ArmA 2? Just to play DayZ. The same case when the modification was hundreds of times more interesting than the original. Fashion has long been the most reference game product on the theme of survival in the Apocalypse. That is, on the basis of origin was a good zombie atmosphere, in a short time he gathered around himself an army of fans. The secret is that the attempt to survive a zombie Apocalypse is really addictive, and the success of the activity depends on your communication skills and level of development of other players. However, all this zombie wandering tighten so much that you have to move in virtual reality to relocate.

In recent years, there were many mods for «Armu», but DayZ still stands.

Mount&Blade and its diversity

Mount&Blade — it’s just fun for mod makers. The exact number of modifications, nobody knows, but they are all amazing and beautiful. In some, as in Good Mode, attached armor, improved diplomacy and game dynamics, and in some, as, for example, in Clash of Kings, changing the landscape, meaning, and even mission. Anyway, the gameplay itself.

For example, if you’re tired of the middle ages, please download the Horde Lands below in the lands of Calradia runny nose, necromancer and other beauties.

Tired of the fictional Kingdom? For God’s sake, download Imperial Rome and conquer Rome, the Macedonian Kingdom and the Parthians. The game is processed beyond recognition and full of historical plausibility.

There are mods like Dawn of Man, which carry you to the Neolithic period and allow you to look at how pathetic our ancestors lived. However, to imagine a Neanderthal with a two-handed sword difficult, so kosher, you will not see.

Tired of waving a sword — grab guns and pistols and go to the Wild West. It is this sudden outrage offers mod «1866. Old America,» which takes right in the heart of America’s 19th century. Stereotypical assholes with the guns and the hats in the middle of deserted towns are included. You can collect your gang, robbing caravans and to start a real war with the government. Isn’t it a miracle?

But for connoisseurs is a Clash of Kings, allowing you to taste the laurels of the ruler of Westeros. Yes, this scale model is fully recreated the world of «Game of thrones» and made changes to it, which you will not find anywhere else. Well, then, that the characters of the series don’t look like a nonsensical omission.

So to single out any one mod — an impossible task. Try at a time, unless, of course, I love Mount&Blade.

Lost Alpha

Lost Alpha was going to pieces almost as long as the original «Stalker», but the expectations were justified. The game was drastically updated, has acquired new quests, locations, transport and interface. For those who were disgusted with the original final version of Lost Alpha compensated for the missing charms in full.

Not everyone was pleased with the result of many years of expectation, but even they appreciated the hardcore fashion. Particularly liked the invisible anomalies, which bolt into the game has become a really important part of the gameplay. The artifacts became more interesting look, and the creature was really a threat.

Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge

Probably no one series of games didn’t do as many mods as The Elder Scrolls. But most of them merely add some details to the already existing world, and sometimes these details are very extravagant like a car instead of horses and ability to please the flesh computer with other characters. Global mods not so much. Periodically we heard about Skywind and Moroblivion that for several years, forged in the dark dungeons of invisible offices, but also as information and images the developers have no way pleasing.

It is immediately realized fellow Germans, I loved the fourth part of the game — Oblivion— and did based on it not even a mod but a full game. Nehrim is a separate product in the well-known engine with a well-known scenery. However, even visually, the game looks a little different, and story the game has nothing to do with the world of Elder Scrolls. The developers re-drew the map, landscapes, buildings, and even self-composed music, not to mention the plot. What was lacking «Oblivion», embodied in this fashion. Stopped to see the dwarfism and excess magic of the world. The city began to resemble a town, village on village. Out of this world pleasure to walk around in the universe «the Witcher», but the soul of TES is still here, and for this symbiosis.

Themselves the story and the world created, not much inferior «obliviscar». The world is not trivial, the mission will not tire of banality and minor tasks a pleasure to perform.

However, the «German» in the game felt. Not only in voice acting (a severe German-style «Heil Hitler»), but also in the approach and the boot images that evoke memories of another great RPG series «Gothic». In many ways, the game was overtaken by Oblivion, but Skyrim is not surpassed. So those who are tired of commuting between members of the series, should definitely play in this miracle, for a change. At least out of respect to Titanic forces that have invested in the game. Scary to think how many nerves they have invested.

There is one «but»: in fashion there are bugs, the game and then crashes, but even the little things do not irritate. Just sohranyaya often.

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