5 mistakes in nutrition that carry out dudes


Season talking about fast food on manygoodtips.com! We already told you we hooked that it’s all terribly bad, but like, tell me how to ignore the fact that KFC invented a sandwich with cheese and bacon where the bun is two piece of fried chicken?! Sometimes it is simply impossible not to devour. And again not to eat. Well, okay, we are all human, and our weaknesses. But weakness in and weaknesses to identify them irregularly. And today we will tell you about errors in the diet that guys do from day to day. Easier with these things, friend!

1. Without an end to drink energy

Why this is a mistake: they are full of sugar and artificial sweeteners, so then this whole thing can produce the opposite effect. In addition, in the energy sector contains a lot of additives, chemicals, dyes — so you can gain weight, have trouble sleeping, suffer from mood swings and even get in the Treasury of their sores heart problems. Anyway, the Red bull guys are encouraging.

How to fix it: the Obvious answer is have a Cup of coffee. Also not the most useful stuff, but it’s better engineers. What else will go? And strong tea with sugar or green tea with lemon.

2. Avoid any fatty foods

Why this error: Supermarkets filled with mass products, where giant letters spell out «low Fat» or «low fat», and we intuitively begin to perceive fat as the enemy. So, some of the dangerous fats: hydrogenated, fried is the cashier of the same KFC.

How to fix it: Eat healthy fats are found in olives, nuts, avocados, fish and Flaxseed. This is useful for the whole body: brain, teeth, heart, and more of them released a lot of energy. Just smaller. fries, chips, and fried chicken.

3. Drink enough water

Why this is a mistake: Many guys start the morning with strong coffee, continue day carbonated water, and in the evening relax over a beer. It’s not the worst option, but the lack of water in the body can be the cause of headaches, depression, fatigue and even excess weight.

How to fix it: to understand how much water you should drink in a day, there is a clever way. For science you need to drink 300-400 ml of water for every 10 kg of weight. Again, to blindly follow the mathematics doesn’t need to rely on their own experience. If the face swells in the morning, it’s overkill. Take water with you to work and drink it there, so she quietly and leave.

4. Eat some semi-finished products

Why this error: No dumplings, no frozen pizza is not enough vitamins to our body functions properly. They can be high in calories but not filling, so our body will be difficult to digest them.

How to fix it: choose several nights a week to cook. Bought in a supermarket some wonton and put it in the oven or in the pan, cut him cucumbers-tomatoes — and now a normal meal is ready, and without much effort.

5. Too much hanging out

Why this is a mistake: You know almost from the tenth grade: it’s too late to go to bed and overdo it with the booze is unhealthy. Alcohol removes from your body the nutrients (e.g. B vitamins) and water that you so diligently drank, guided by the third item. And immune system the kick again. When you go to bed at two in the morning, you got the hell out of slipping all biological rhythms, and you start the next day, slower to think and feel bad.

How to fix it: When you know on the nose party, get ready for it: eat protein-rich foods to reduce the harm of alcohol. This means you need to eat legumes, nuts, chicken, healthy and delicious food, instead of chips and crackers. And after the party, drink before bedtime glass of water and another immediately after waking up. You’ll become more like a person than a walking dead man.

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