5 minute management course

We will not be boring and will teach you a bit of management with the help of these simple fun stories. As they say, is fairy tale-lie, Yes in it a hint. Away we go!

Lesson 1:

girl in towelThe man went into the shower just after he had washed his wife. The doorbell rang. The wife quickly wraps a towel and opens. Behind the door is their neighbor Bob. Before she can utter a word, as Bob said to her, «I’ll give you $ 800 if you take off the towel». She thought for a second, let go of the towel and remains in front of Bob without his clothes on. After a few seconds, Bob handed her $ 800 and left. The wife again turned into a towel and returned to the room. «Who was that?» asked the man, «Our neighbor, Bob,» said his wife. «Cool,’ he answered, And he didn’t say anything about the 800 dollars I loaned him?»

The moral: if you share time with our partners important information about loans, you’ll be able to avoid trouble.

Lesson 2:

nunThe priest offers a nun a ride. She gets in the car and puts one leg over the other so that the priest can see her thigh. Taking the opportunity, he lays a hand on him. The nun says, «Father, remember Psalm 129?» The priest removed his hand, but after some time shifts, and returns the hand to the place. The nun says, «Father, remember Psalm 129?» The priest, embarrassed, apologizes: «sorry sister but the flesh is weak». When the priest came to the Church, he found Psalm 129, which says: «Go forth and seek, above you will find happiness.»

The moral: if you’re not good at your job, you can lose a lot of opportunities for development.

Lesson 3:

magic lampSales representative, administrative employee and the Manager found a magic lamp. They rubbed it, and before them there was a gin. Gene said, «I will fulfill one wish to each of you.»

«I’m first! I’m the first!» cried the administrative employee. «I want to the Bahamas, to ride there on a speedboat and not know worries!» — Bah! — and he disappeared.

«I’m next! I’m next!» cried sales representative. «I want to Hawaii to relax on the beach with a personal masseuse, an endless supply of Pina coladas and meet the love of your life» — boom! — and he disappeared.

«Your turn,» said gin Manager. He finally said his desire: «Let those two after lunch will be in the office.»

The moral: always let the boss speak first.

Lesson 4:

eagleThe eagle sat on a tree, rested and did nothing. He saw the little rabbit and asked, «can I sit exactly like you and do nothing?» The eagle answered: «Sure, why not». Then the rabbit sat down under a tree, where rested an eagle. And suddenly, out of nowhere Fox — she ran to the rabbit and swallowed it.

Moral: to sit and do nothing only if you sit very, very high.





Lesson 5:

TurkeyTurkey time talking to a bull: «I would like to see the world from the top of that tree, — sighed the Turkey, but I have no strength to fly up there.» «Why don’t you nibble on my droppings? replied the bull. — There are a lot of nutrients». The Turkey devoured his cake, and he had enough strength to fly up to lower branches of a tree. The next day he even ate dung and reached the second branch. In the end, the Turkey proudly sitting on the top of the tree, and then he saw a farmer, who shot him.

The moral: shit can help you rise to the top, but it won’t help you to hold on.

Lesson 6:

spikeA little bird was flying in winter in the southern region. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground. While she lay there on the ground, passed by a cow, and on top of the bird fell cow dung. Gradually the bird is warmed from her heat. She just returned the poor fellow to life! The bird was so happy that started singing. At this time, passed by a cat. She was wondering, how do hear birdsong. She went toward the sound and found the bird in cow’s shit. Without thinking, the cat caught a bird and was as follows.

Morality:1. Not everyone who has covered you in shit is your enemy.

2. Not everyone who pulled you out of shit is your friend.

3. When you’re in deep shit, better cover your mouth.