5 military myths we believe thanks to Hollywood

Not love battle paintings is simply impossible, because kinodely invest huge efforts and resources to colorful historical battle captivated his bloody waltz of ordinary viewers. Only that Hollywood loves to invent. Need examples? Yes please!

1. The ancient rules of combat: pile-on, and nobody knows how to fight

manygoodtips.com_29.03.2016_WYimZxXex1l2iIn the movie

Field, wide field Irish, which simulates, say, Katalanska field. A couple of hundred extras, plus a few thousand, drawn on the computer, lined up in a perfect, geometrically straight lines. The boys are toe socks, all similar to each other, as on selection, are frenzied and calm look into the eyes of his enemy. Unnaturally loud, as if through a loudspeaker, the cry of the commander is carried over the valley, he pointed the sword at the enemy, and elegant rows of destroyed, turning into a ruck. They all shout, rock faces like jackals. No reserves, all to the last – in the attack. No tactics, no formation, only a massacre, where every man for himself. It’s good that all in different clothes, even simple spearmen in chain mail or armor with the emblem. Otherwise, to discern where your, and where the alien, impossible.

The most insulting, that only know how to fight the characters, all the rest dull and ugly butt and poke each other with the sword at a time, like in the prehistoric strategies. But the main characters, all fighting is beautiful, with spectacular combos, somersault, managing to show the wonders of acrobatics, and the noble cruelty. Cut out all the little scamps in one hit, killing the soldiers as pigs, and even without forgiveness, the delayed maximum at some healthy bearded barbarian, do not pay attention for deep puncture wounds.

At some point the main character accidentally discovers the main villain or his Lieutenant and begins to run across the field of battle, and the killing of a couple that fell under the hand of the enemy army soldiers.

In life

Of course, such idiots met on the battlefield, but the fact of the matter is that idiots. Usually after the battle they were buried. Secret victories of the Macedonians, the Romans and the Persians over the disorganized barbarian rabble in the fact that they kept their boring, unentertaining formation and adhered to strict military discipline. Externally they are of course not particularly impressive, but trust me, the soldiers who held the position was not boring. Standing side by side, they pushed their way step by step through the pile of rabid barbarians.

All of these combat formations were some kind of tank, which allowed armies to move slowly across the battlefield and poke all their spears, while simultaneously holding back the urge of some soldiers in the desire to run out and fight one on one. This movie enemies attack only one, maximum two, but in real life it would be cut down from all sides, despite all the military talents.The strategy has always been the goal of civilized troops. In fact, Barbara began to harass Rome after prolonged contact with civilization, learning from them the art of warfare. Even the Vikings, the standard of the unruly and diseased frantic with anger and rage people had some sort of simple shield formations. Look at the reconstruction of Viking battles – boring stuff wall to wall. The soldiers pressed shield to shield and trying to get kolyushche-cutting weapon on a jug. In fact, in such close formations, no place to svistopljaska with a sword. To roll – cut yourself on the sword of the neighbor. So I had to pull over so that you can feel it then, and to put pressure on the enemy.

Therefore, in ancient times, especially in the era of the Greeks and Romans, the battle of hoplites or legionaries often boiled down to which side is better to hold your line and exit the other side back.

Simply put, the battle resembled the sad shit, as the competition in tug of war. If the show is in the cinema, the audience will fall asleep.

Centuries later, in the era of firearms, the traditions of close formations are preserved, but has resembled mutual execution. This is the opinion of the Directors…

2. Rules Imperial wars: we are all a target for the enemy. Shoot all you want, dear enemy!

manygoodtips.com_29.03.2016_R964Rwl8a4tdvIt was a glorious era: balls, beauties, footmen, the cadets, and waltzes by Schubert and crunch French bread, and the military fun in the style of «now we will line up in one line opposite each other, and we will shoot.» What a ridiculous picture: overdressed, Yes, officers, lush, oblagorozhenny wigs looking at the battlefield through binoculars, while the soldiers in silly hats and garish and bright uniforms (to the enemy was easier to aim) slowly approach each other. Located at a small distance from each other, the soldiers raise their guns and shoot each other several volleys, trying to destroy as many enemies as possible, while the whole point of soldiers ‘ accuracy. Then the soldiers rushing towards each other to treat each other a ringing bayonet. How stupid and ridiculous, but damn it, gentleman!

In life

Many who doubt that linear construction ever considered ideal. In fact, they were used only for emergency, after all firearms of those times was extremely inefficient. More often the soldiers used the rifles as spears, for the much easier to kill the enemy than to charge heavy rifle with a paper cartridge which, among other things, had to do yourself.

Moreover, smooth-bore guns were very inaccurate. At a distance of 50 meters to get from them the enemy was very difficult, and given the fact that after several volleys of the soldiers hung the impenetrable whitish haze of smoke through which it was difficult to see their own hands, this principle of waging war, there is a logical explanation.

And if a huge swarm of bullets touched at least a few soldiers, the attack can be considered successful.

But in fact, a linear exchange of bullets met not so often shown in Hollywood movies. The percentage losses after these attacks were extremely low – only about 13-15%.

As for the bayonet, they were, of course, but their lethal efficiency is equal to the number of deaths by accident like I tripped and was impaled on the bayonet. Despite the fact that melee was poslavska in «Borodino» and «Poltava», even in the most bloody battle the damage from it was small – only 2%.

In the same way as the idiotic rifle volleys, bayonets as a tactical choice was well developed. But, though they looked terrible, really wasn’t anything more than shaking the air. That brings us to the next exposure…

3. Rule of war: they all want to die, they all want to kill

manygoodtips.com_29.03.2016_8Qv7To2maKjnQIn the movie

Almost all war films the soldiers from both sides climb in the fight. A deserter found on the strength of a few movies, and then lost sight. In the cinema world of cowardly men who are afraid for their lives, no. All climb in the battle, in all ages, regardless of weapons, age and experience. Even if the guy did not want to fight, even if I got to the troops by force, he will still run ahead of the troops to force the sword under the armor most dangerous enemy.

In life

In fact, at all times, were soldiers, which is not very much and wanted to kill people they didn’t know. Were cowards, forced to perform military service against the wishes and Outlook. Even in dark times, met the pacifists, and it is unlikely that people who are afraid for their lives, which is morally difficult to kill another, climb on the rampage.

During the Second world war, the US has carried out an interesting study to see if an ordinary person to pull the trigger, pointing the weapon at the alleged enemy. It turned out that no more than 20% of men without any hesitation open fire. Others will not shoot if there is not an officer, who will give the appropriate order.

Therefore, in a real war, most people just shy away from opportunities to kill. Now, in our days, with the advent of the professional army the percentage of «real killers» has increased significantly. Besides, it helped propaganda, tried to explain the slow-witted army of mind that killing people is right and good.


During the Vietnam war the us military leadership managed to bring the number of soldiers shooting up to 95%. But even such an impressive figure suggests that most of the military tried to hit the target.

As statistics show, U.S. soldiers fired more than 52 thousand bullets for each of the murdered Vietnamese. This is a clear demonstration of the difference between Hollywood movies and real state of Affairs. People don’t like to fight, at least not normal people for sure.And yet, to shoot a machine gun during the battle, despite supertechnologies, as before, is not easy. To get at the enemy with one shot without wasting too many balls, maybe except soldier-the member of spetsnaz GRU and other special forces.

4. Rule of war: all kill, all slaughter

In the movie

The battle is over, dying fire, the battlefield covered with piles of bodies. And survived only the main characters, looking around, happy that we survived. Almost all killed, slaughtered all but a small handful of fallen soldiers. But military commanders, it would seem that large losses do not bother. Nothing, women give birth to the new.

In life

Of course, there were many victims, but not that of the whole troops remained only one soldier. Even rare super-type of the battle of Verdun in the First world war – one of the deadliest battles in the history of mankind over the fact that most of the soldiers coming alive.

The greatest losses and a blow to the reputation of the army were prisoners and deserters. And guys, give thoughts: «Well, fuck, I’m going home,» was a little less than died in battle. When talking about soldiers ‘ casualties of the civil and world wars, we must remember that the lion’s share of them is captured or killed in captivity. On the battlefield, the numbers were modest.

But the most cruel killer of the army, of course, there is the hospital, and dying not only from wounds but from disease.

The fact is that of the great host only a few have a weapon. To use the sword in the confusion quite difficult to kill and clad in armor of a warrior is even harder, especially when he himself arms.

5. A rule of modern warfare: explosions, nothing, balls everything!

manygoodtips.com_29.03.2016_bXplmuI94BaYTIn the movie

Any self-respecting movie about the war of XX-th century there are certainly a large budget for pyrotechnics and

special effects. No use of them, it’s not gunfire but a lot of soar into the sky clumps of dirt and smoke. Among the explosions and the mud whirls the main character is running with his friends. If one of them will hook explosion is a miracle.

In life

It seems that throughout its history Hollywood has set a goal to convince people that an explosion is something trivial and completely safe, almost like a mosquito bite. Machine gun nests – an absurd fortifications to waste ammunition and snipers – and quite nonsense, if only we are not talking about Vasily Zaitsev.


But the reality, as always, is radically different from the movie. In fact, during the Second world artillery took the lives of roughly 70% of the personnel (including the blown up tanks and the like).

A metal Cannonball that was used in previous conflicts, had a habit of not just land on the ground, it could easily zip through the rows of soldiers ‘ bodies like a knife through butter. Devil ball coming off the limb of personnel and tosses them scraps everywhere.And then cunning people smart enough to hide in the kernel, buckshot, to increase the radius of destruction. In fact, here’s a graphic example of the career of one of the men in the Prime of life, set in the elegant pose of the whole of Europe. It is, of course, about Napoleon. The main reason for his success and victories on the battlefield became his passion for artillery battles, and he knew what destruction can cause a bunch of fallen down on the head shells. His army had more guns than any of the armies of the time, allowing him to inflict more damage with long range.

But Hollywood does not like anonymity, he wants the death was the result of the duel of two big boys. Every death is the climax of the storyline and the heroic drama.

But, unfortunately, the reality is that the majority of war heroes were killed, not as Andrey Bolkonsky Austerlitz – beautiful and arrogant, not to fall back in emerald native fields, Ziya neat wound on his chest, and crawling through the mud with his last strength, trying to collect spilling guts and severed limbs explosion. They are often killed not a sworn enemy, and derivative bad diarrhea and gangrene. There you have it.

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