5 memorable cars of the Geneva motor show

The famous Geneva motor show is the platform where brands face off each other in the size of the coolness of their new vehicles, where a simple journalist could sit in the car, which he will never be able to afford to buy, and where models more than fashion week in Milan. So sometimes it’s hard to focus on the machines, when around such beauty.

But we are not with you ladies will be watching, and brightest car, has attracted a lot of attention.

1. Porsche 911 GT3 RS: for ring road and everyday driving


Dudes with Porsche presented at the Geneva motor show the Porsche 911 GT3 RS – the model that allegedly erases the boundary between sports and race car. Thus, according to the people from Porsche has to be the supercar for track and every day – not the most powerful, but most athletic «nine hundred and eleven». The roof of the car for the first time made of magnesium, while in the manufacture of lids of the trunk and engine compartment are used so hateful leading Top Gear carbon fiber. But it is possible to reduce the overall weight and lower the center of gravity of the car. The movement of the machine is four-liter six-cylinder engine producing 500 HP (368 kW). Torque is 460 Newton metres. It is the most powerful and the largest by volume aspirated engine family of the 911 with direct fuel injection. Powerplant is paired with a specially designed PDK.

Appearance bright tells us that this child breed of GT3. Additional slits on the front fenders and above the engine, a hefty rear wing, spoiler underneath, lightweight wheels with a diameter of 20 and 21 inches front and rear. Almost racing seats-buckets with Alcantara trim, dual-zone climate control, seven-inch touchscreen display on center console, audio system with four speakers and MP3 capability – basic equipment of the model. Of course, this is not the most «sexy» car with a German stable. But it is calculated as the vehicle for each day. In addition, an optional package Sport Chrono Package, in addition to the traditional stopwatch, includes provision for the sensor of passage of a circle and the Porsche Track Precision app for your smartphone, which you can use to analyse your results in battles for a while.

A sports car accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, and the mark of 200 km/h takes 10.9 seconds after the start. It for a second more than its predecessor. Average fuel consumption in the NEDC cycle is 12.7 liters per 100 kilometers. And yet the 911 GT3 RS is the fastest Porsche of the modern of their kind. Factory test drivers drove the track in 7 minutes 20 seconds. For comparison, the former GT3 RS and 911 Turbo S all-wheel drive seven seconds slower. A Porsche Carrera GT – all nine. Of course, such a technically sound car cannot be cheap by definition. In Russia for the 500-horsepower GT3 RS will need to pay a minimum of 9 769 000 rubles. From the family of «nine hundred eleventh» above only stars: Turbo S and Turbo S Cabriolet 10 627 315 000 and 11 000 respectively.

2. GTA Spano: the long-awaited graphene supercar


The company Spagna demonstrates at the Geneva motor show the latest supercar GTA Spano, which is expected to be released in only 99 copies. However, attention was drawn not so much because it turns out the car is a limited edition, but because the project we were promised with the distant 2009. And then, finally, he appeared to the public.

Little-known Spanish company has presented to public a very interesting model: in the heart of the car is the monocoque, manufactured using carbon fiber, titanium, and graphene. This unique design, Spania, provides the industry’s best ratio of stiffness and mass. Moreover, graphene will be used for the first time in the car launched into serial production. In General, it is the main feature of the car.

In the motion supercar is Buturlinovsky V10 engine with a working volume of 8 liters. The power plant is aggregated with a new sequential 7-speed gearbox.

The car itself was slightly heavier than the weight that was stated. Maybe it’s the engine. Previously, he was with a mechanical supercharger, and now with two turbochargers and an intercooler. Engine, the new model is called GTA V10 Twin Turbo. We can assume that the basis is a motor from a Viper, as it was before. Only now the working volume of 8.0 l (8,3 l). The impact had risen to 925 HP and 1220 nm (the predecessor of – 900 HP and 1000 N•m). The mark of 100 km/h the car overcomes after 2.9 seconds after the start, a top speed of 370 km/h. However, the Spaniards claim that the track will be able to spur all horses.

One of the highlights coupe – a high-performance electrochromic roof with adjustable transparency, layers of protection against infrared, ultraviolet rays and glare. Cabin rear view mirror replaced with a camera which displays the image on the Central screen. Kind of digital cleaning is configured in a wide range. In order to open the trunk, you need to click on the logo located on the b-pillar. The Spanish elegant, but seems a bit austere.

As for the price, it is still not clear. To use graphene for virtually the same car was asking 700000 euros, but graphene – as you know, the material is good, even very. However, having the status of one of the most durable materials on the planet, he has one bad drawback: very rare and difficult for mass production material.

3. Italdesign Giugiaro GEA: good drone, not surprising


One of the brightest stars at the Geneva sky was the four-door independence from company Italdesign Giugiaro. Named her Gea. Developers predict the future, where the priority is to secure for the Autonomous movement of the cars. Similar cars at the Geneva auto show is not news, but always evoke attention. What could be better! Machine on autopilot, which we promised even science fiction writers have finally become a reality. But, as colleagues in the autopilot shop projects Rinspeed XchangE and Budii, developers cared more about not the autopilot, and the consequences for the passenger. So riding without hands is postponed.

Wolfgang EGGER, head of styling for Italdesign Giugiaro explains: «In the near future will become a luxury. We thought about the business of tomorrow: hours spent in transit, will be productive. With three configuration options the car can turn into an office, a Wellness room or relaxation room. This is our vision of the luxurious mobility of the future.»

In the business mode from the ceiling drop two 19-inch screen, the backlight is white (supposedly it helps concentration). In the health mode, the salon is transformed into a miniature gym. With the rear seats move in special aluminum handles, and the floor – plate. On the top screen shows a video tutorial from the company Technogym, hidden on the second row refrigerator offers juices, of a special box to get the tools of aromatherapy and interior lighting is amber. In sleep mode right chair form a single «couch», is displayed on the screens of the starry sky, the backlight becomes blue, the Windows are blacked out.

The impression that I read the Bradbury story, and not a description of the car. This hotel on wheels that, in fact, wanted to do the authors. This begs the question: do not forget the creators of this miracle on the driver? He also paid attention to. He has, for example, he has a whole series of displays from LG, including holographic tidy at 12.3 inches. The steering wheel resembles the wheel of a spaceship, returning only two degrees. In fact, it is the joystick, and the steering angle is set not so much his rejection, how many the attached force. The impression is that it is very inconvenient.

Externally, the car looks simply magical. Four-wheel drive concept is equipped with four electric motors with a total capacity of 570 kW (775 HP). Maximum speed is 250 km/h Wolcswagen group, which through the company Lamborghini, and, consistently, Audi is part of Italdesign Giugiaro, in fact, made a very good blueprint of the German drone F 015 also wants to show a future in which businessmen are not distracted by such things as machine control. Just buy it at least that is the question.

4. Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6×6: do not grow old soul veterans


This «vundervaflâ» is more like a tank or a lunar Rover than a car. But the Brits from Land Rover claim that it’s still a car. And if you look closely, the six-wheeled mutant, you can guess the 67-year-old grandfather Land Rover Defender. It would seem that it’s time to retire, but the British do not hurry to part with the legendary retired. Great tuning Studio Kahn Design, which, he imagines himself some time by the manufacturer, thoroughly reworked the old «defender» 6-wheeled armored SUV, and as an option, and three-axle truck! An unusual alternative to the already discontinued Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 revealed in Geneva. Wards Afzal Kahn, owner and Director of Kahn Design, said the polnoprivodniki. the third axis, and lengthened and expanded his body. If more, then the hood is added 400 mm, the passenger part of the meter, and the «shoulders» of the legendary SUV is 150 mm wider.

In the cabin the fan autoexotics waiting for red leather and sports seats.

Model Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6×6 will release a small edition, in variations with either four or six wheels, station wagon or pickup truck and even with the optional armor protection. «Flying hunter», as translated name of the monster is protected in categories B4 and B6. Before the Geneva party, Mr. Kan said that the model may be some four or six wheels, in the back of the station wagon and pickup truck. Maybe even a gun will be welded. It’s all in the wishes of the client and his money.

5. From Maybach Pullman: well, sooo expensive


In Geneva has finally unveiled the long-awaited modification of the flagship S-class is 6.5-meter Pullman from Maybach. The public was able to estimate, for example, has grown in size saloon: new limousine was 143 mm longer than the previous generation (up to 6 499 mm) and the wheelbase grew by 103 mm (up to 4418 mm). In addition, Pullman more than a meter exceeds the length of the recently introduced S-class especially in the luxury Maybach performance.

The passenger compartment of the car can comfortably accommodate four passengers (seats are in pairs opposite each other). Of course, particularly preferred are designated in the course of movement of the backrests of the seats adjustable in the range of 43.5 degrees. So it could easily sleep a couple people of average height. From front row seats the rear part at the request of passengers is separated by a partition, which built the monitor a diagonal of 18.5 inches. Besides it, the novelty can boast expensive Burmester sound system with the effect of so-called surround sound. By the way, optional limousine you can make a quadruple by removing the middle row of seats.

To evaluate the car in question until you succeed. Manufacturers like partisan was not disclosed technical specifications, noting that buyers this information is not so important. It is only known that Pullman is equipped with a 530-horsepower V12 6-litre, which implements 830 Nm of torque. In Europe the «House on wheels» will be sold from one and a half million euros, as in the good old days will become a toy in the hands of the powerful.

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