5 main types of death penalty

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Perhaps, in all times there was the death penalty, and she could be gentle, that is fast but could be long and painful. In our time, the Geneva Convention on human rights prohibited torture, but not death penalty. There are 5 major types of death penalty:

1. Lethal injection

This is the most popular form of execution in the United States. The death chamber resembles a medical office, where condemned men are placed on the deckchair and fastened with straps. Through a drip into a vein in the arm introduces three substances: sodium thiopental, potassium chloride bromide. The victim first loses consciousness, then she has a paralyzed diaphragm and five minutes later their heart stops. The camera has glass Windows through which you can observe this is not a pleasant process.

2. The shooting

This kind of punishment common in China. Convicts dressed in white, shackled and handcuffed and tied to the posts. On a neck hang up signs indicating the crime. In front of the criminals at a distance of three meters are police with rifles and fired a volley whistle. If the victim is still showing signs of life, police their dostraivat.

3. The gas chamber

This penalty occurs only in the five States of the USA. The camera is a steel capsule with a door, a chair for the victim, numerous holes and straps. Has a tube that diffuses the gas into the atmosphere. The convict is stripped to his shorts (women still leave the shirt), put on a chair and strapped with belts under the chest, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. Chest attach remote stethoscope to record heart failure. Under the chair put a basin of sulfuric acid. When all outsiders to leave the capsule, closed the door and by the execution by remote control pours into sulphuric acid, the granules of sodium cyanide, with the result that the chamber fills with toxic substance — gaseous hydrocyanic acid. Already at the first breath comes partial paralysis, the cells can’t absorb oxygen, and death ensues in a few minutes. Although there are cases that the heart of the condemned men continue to beat for 15 minutes, for this reason, many States have abandoned this kind of execution.

4. Hanging

Most of the hangings going on in Iran. Usually the execution is carried out publicly executed several people. Most often instead of the gallows used construction cranes. The convicts lead to the place of execution in handcuffs and in civilian clothes. Each of them was escorted by 3-4 police officers. Will be done before the execution, criminals lay on the ground face down, and the executioners beat their whips on the back. After that, raise them, put a loop on the neck and raise the crane boom to a height of 20 meters, to be seen from afar. Death occurs within 10-15 minutes from strangulation, or earlier, if lucky, from the rupture of cervical vertebrae.

5. Electric chair

Previously, this form of punishment was very common, now it is considered the most wild and savage. And yet it is used in 13 States. The convict is tied to wooden chair, glue his eyes and mouth with adhesive tape, then shaved the legs and head, attach electrodes, through which with a switch serves the current voltage of 2000 volts. Voltage include two times for one minute with a break of 10 seconds. After turn off the power, the physician should ensure that the condemned men are dead. If he by some miracle survived, the discharge current is repeated, in some cases, an attempt can be repeated 5 times. Although in some States, if after the third attempt, the criminal was still alive, he can pardon. This penalty is not for the faint of heart, and many who came to see faint at the sight of the convulsing victim, steaming of the skin and blood poured out from under the sticky tape.